Friday, May 25, 2007

A Muscular Misunderstanding?

Just when you thought she was down for the count, she's baaaack! Ok, well, I'm not quite all back, but I feel 900 million times better today than I did last night. I even feel better than I did yesterday before last night's unfortunate calamitous trip through the woods. I can bear my full weight on my left leg. I can flatten my foot out without pulling. I can make circles with my foot. I just have a bit of tightness way down deep in the middle of the calf. I am going to my ART guy in a couple of hours for a massage and ultrasound. I suspect I will know better if I'll be running tomorrow or not. That wouldn't be too bad. I would only have missed 2.5 easy miles from last night, a 50 minute fartlek this morning, and another 3.5 easy miles tonight. I'd be down about 12 or so miles for the week. Not too bad. Better than being out forever like I was sure was the case last night!!

You should have seen me. I came home from the park with tears streaming down my face. Mrp was in the back yard playing in the garden. He was intently measuring. I yelled across the field, "I'm done!" He yelled back, "that's nice." "But I only ran 1 mile!" I yelled back. He yelled back, "good." I limp-stomped away. I went inside and cried and pouted. Mrp waved at me in the kitchen from the garden. I opened the slider and he looked at me this time. "Why are you crying?" he said walking toward me. "I I I I tripped and hurt my calf worse. I only ran 1 mile and limped on the road back to my car." "Oh, I thought you said you ran your miles. I am so sorry." He came up on the deck and I explained the break down and then the hmmphing to the car and then the run in with my friend's dad and the roller blader too. He said, "once I crawled back from a run." I didn't believe him. I made him tell me the story. He made something up. It made me feel better. Then he said, "I understand how you feel, runner to runner. Male to female, I don't get you. But runner to runner I understand." I sniffed and laughed. He said, "you feel like your body betrayed you. You want it to do something and it refuses to do it." It's true. I did. I also felt like I betrayed my body by making moronic decisions like wearing those flats and running on the bumpy trails while overly tired and with a tender calf. I just felt--ugh.

Mrp made me feel better. But all through the evening I'd get down about it. I pictured the weekend with no miles. Tears would well up. I e-mailed my coach. Told him the bad news. I strapped an icebag to my lower leg. I pouted some more. I decided it was ok. I would take one day off and one day at a time. I'd call my ART guy. Just be patient. Or keep pouting, whatever.

I went to bed resigned to my fate. I placed a pillow under my leg to elevate it just a bit. I woke up in the morning and it was very tight. Oh well. I gingerly stretched it. Took a shower. It hurt a bit when I put all my weight on it to shave my right leg. I modified my technique. I got out of the shower. Limped around. The muscle untightened a bit. Felt better. I got my stuff together. Putzed around, had breakfast, chatted with mrp, putzed some more. Finally decided to leave. Got in my car. Felt a little tightness in the calf as I clutched. Got to my parking space. I locked up the car and started on my mile treck to my office. I noticed I wasn't so limpy. Hmmm. Ok. As I walked I felt better and better. I noticed I felt better than the day before walking to my office. Ok. Then I was at work and doing dumb stuff that will bore you to tears. Then I had to meet *P* for lunch. Per usual I was running late. I grabbed my purse and headed out. I got a few blocks and remembered, "hey I thougt I was injured." Seriously, I hardly felt it! Had a really nice and fun lunch. Walked back and again, could hardly feel it. Now as I type I only feel the tiniest bit of tightness deep in the calf. Maybe the muscle relaxed? I don't know what happened, but I'll take it!

PS It turns out I have a minor strain of my tibialis posterior muscle. My ART guy made fun of me because I keep hurting obscure leg muscles. Anyway, it's a very deep small muscle of the calf. It hurts so much because it swells and bumps up against my shin bone and pulls on my plantars fascia aggravated my PF. He performed all the treatments: electrostim, ultrasound, massage, ART. It is a little sore from all the poking at it but he said I can start running anytime. I just have the lay off the intensity. I asked him if there was any benefit for taking a day off and he was shocked! Heh. He said, of course that definitely wouldn't hurt you. He said if I am nice to it I should be back to normal in a week. I might actually not run today (Saturday) and wait until tomorrow to get back at it. What's the rush?


Chelle said...

That must be a huge relief. Take your time and make sure it's really gone, gone. I learned rule #1 from another runner awile back...Don't Get Hurt!

Wish mine was healing up so quickly. It's been two weeks now since I was able to run and I don't even feel like a runner anymore.

Robert said...
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Robert said...

I suppose seeing all the rocks in the road is hard to do running at the speed of sound like you do. I trust you aren't writing because you're resting/pouting. :) Good to hear you didn't do any major damage.

Joe said...

> What's the rush?

What's the rush, indeed! Take it easy for a couple of days and don't feel guilty about it. Hey, I'll even let you eat a couple of potato chips and lie on the sofa. (Gasp! Oh the horror!)

Jim said...

Enjoy your down time. It'll make it all the more fun when you're back to snuff in a week.