Monday, May 14, 2007

No Sweat (At Least Not Yet)

Well, as soon as I accepted the low miles and trusted the plan, I found out that I was actually supposed to be doing doubles 2 x a week! Darn, I could have run 6-8 more miles these last couple of weeks and I didn't even know it! My coach wasn't really explicit and I haven't quite figured out his shorthand so we had a little miscommunication. Oh well, my legs are probably happy about it. I get to do 3 days of doubles this week, anyway. I like evening runs so I am looking very forward to it. I'm not quite sure how I will get everything I need to get done each day done, but I'll figure it out.

I am a little worried that my low low mileage won't support a solid half-marathon effort on Sunday. I suppose I have built a solid enough base to do just fine. Plus, I'm not sure I care so much how it goes. Don't get me wrong, I have a very concrete goal. I don't know why, but I am (uncharacteristically) just sort of whatever happens happens about the whole thing. Maybe it's a post-Boston big race hubbub hangover.

In other news I finally submitted the brief I wrote to the US Supreme Court this morning. I am so proud of that and feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work on that and get paid for it! Sometimes my job is painfully boring and sometimes it's rad. Unfortunately, I now have to travel a whole heckuva lot the next few weeks. Waaa. Speaking of work...

PS I just realized I'm down about 10-12 miles for each week! UGH! Now I am worried I don't have enough miles to support a good half this week. Or maybe I'm better recovered. Or maybe I'll die at mile 10. We'll see in a few days, I guess.


Joe said...

Does your brief have any thing to do with pelicans or conspiracies?

> PS I just realized I'm down
> about 10-12 miles for each
> week! UGH!

Oh no! Call the marines! Hehe. Don't worry, you'll build up again. I'm sure you know about the "seasonality principle". You can run long and hard all year around.

Joe said...

Er, you CAN'T run long and hard all year around.

Joe said...

Salty, I saw this comment you made on Tall Girl Running's blog: "PS I love your 100 things about you. I think it's the best one I ever read."

I'm so hurt! ;-)

Jim said...

Boston seems like just a couple of days ago - my legs are still sore from reading your blog! (I'm so glad your mileage has been down since then - I needed the rest). You're gonna pop off a good one in the half - just wait and see.