Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pass the Toothpicks

I am so sleepy. I feel like Tom when he puts the toothpicks in his eyes to hold the lids up, but they’re so heavy they snap in two.

Adjusting to a morning running schedule is not as easy as I hoped it would be. The first day was great. I felt well-rested and bright-eyed and I had a wonderful morning run. Day 2 was alright. Not the best, but ok. I just ran a 4+ miler around my neighborhood. I left my hairbrush in my office, so I had to smooth out my long hair with my fingers. It was kind of one of those slightly annoying, not necessarily bad kind of days.

By day 3, today, I was just dragging my poor ti ti butt out of bed. I had to wait for the snooze on the alarm clock because I didn’t even hear the coffee maker finish. Then I went to the park for my 4 mile tempo. I had mrp’s garmin for the occasion to track the distance and my pace. If it’s any indication how I felt, the first mile of my warm-up was 10:06! YIKES! The second was a sprint at 9:04. Sometimes, having a garmin is too much information. I would have been so blissfully ignorant believing I had run 8:30’s. I hope it’s the morning lead-body and the hilly semi-rugged trail loop I was running on. Oh well.

Anyway, the tempo portion was actually just dandy. There was actually very little if any wind! It was already a little steamy out at 5:50 AM, making me have the first dripping wet ponytail of the season by the time I was done (except for when I was in New Orleans a couple of months ago). I did a better job with pace, although the last one was still a bit too fast: 3:39, 3:34 (7:13), 3:28, 3:36 (7:04), 3:34, 3:34 (7:08), 3:24, 3:27(6:51). I kind of don’t like this slow tempo thing. I am used to tempo pace being closer to half-marathon pace. Seeing as I have a half marathon in my very near future, I’d like to get to know that pace as much as possible before the big day. That’s alright—I trust the plan, remember?

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Joe said...

You're young. You'll survive. Nice times on the tempo portion of the run.