Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Patience, Salty-san

Coaches are so smart. I was all, "this schedule is too easy for me!" a couple of days ago. But yesterday, after my first hardish run since Boston I have to say, maybe not! My schedule called for a 45 minute fartlek. I was supposed to run easy for 15 minutes and then do 10 x 30 seconds at 5k pace, with each rep followed by 60 seconds of easy running. Then I was to run 15 minutes easy to cool down. My legs were sort of like "hell no" when I started the first pick-up, but by 3 or 4 I was fine. But I was zapped by the end of the hard 15 minutes. Sure, it might have been the almost 80 degree heat plus the black cap I was wearing out in the open sun (duh!), but man was that workout harder than I imagined it would be. I heretofore promise not to complain that my coach isn't giving me enough miles! Coach knows best. Salty knows not much!

Ok, so I guess the morale of the story is patience. And really, patience ain't so bad. Why rush? I have 6 months before the next marathon. I'll be in over my head in no time! I can be super-Salty later when I'm not risking breaking myself. Now's the time to remember why I run to begin with. Who doesn't need a little deprivation of something wonderful to keep the love for it alive. It's time to rest, recharge, and let all those miles soak into my legs. I'll be back to my peak and beyond soon enough (and less ouchy to boot!) And plus now I have more time to hang out with mrp *sigh*


Joe said...

> It's time to rest, recharge, and
> let all those miles soak into
> my legs.

Indeed! Enjoy the ride now. It's all uphill from here.

Miyagi-san: Wax on! Wax off!

Papa Louie said...

To learn patience and to realize your fitness will soon come back is a sign of maturity, Salty-san. Well spoken post. Now see if you can snatch this pebble out of my hand.

Jim said...

This is so cool - it's like having a coach within a blog. I'm definitley taking notes on the workouts he prescribes.

Joe said...

Salty-San, have you mastered the art of catching a fly with chopsticks?

DaisyDuc said...

I will have to re-read these posts after Cleveland marathon. Without a coach, I have never thought too much about the training following my marathon. Thanks for sharing!