Monday, June 11, 2007


So, after that horrible workout on Friday, I went to work and over the course of the day felt worse and worse and by the time I got home I had a full-on cold. Nothing like an extra excuse for the suckage! I actually did do my evening easy recovery run and I felt better. It was just 3.5 miles, down my street and back home. No big deal. I also did my Saturday morning 7 miler and that was just peachy too, even with the sore throat and swollen nodes.

On Saturday afternoon I did the unthinkable--I boarded yet another plane. I headed over to Chicago to spend 22 hours with my best friend and her daughter. I felt kind of crappy but I already planned the trip and spent the money. I drank lots of fluids and took a few airborne fizzies and napped on the plane. It was a fun low key time consisting of eating, talking, and goofing around. I got to do my long run up along the Chicago lakefront on a GORGEOUS morning yesterday. It was a very nice, albeit short trip.

Today I did another easy 7 miles and felt good. My cold isn't much more than a slightly stuffy nose at this point. This morning's run was slightly snotty but very very pleasant. I think 7 miles might be the perfect distance! As for the rest of the week, my was to shuffle my tempo to Saturday so I could run a 5k on Wednesday evening, but part of me thinks I'd be better off sucking in solitude doing a tempo workout in the woods by myself on Wednesday night instead. My coach thinks the latter is the better option, but he said it's up to me. He said I can run it but I shouldn't expect more than to get a good workout out of it. Does this mean he thinks if I expect a good race I'll be sorely disappointed?


GP said...

I think you're a kick-butt-enough runner that it would be difficult for you to run a truly disappointing run.

Granted, hardworking people don't always meant their own expectations, but I'm sure you'd rock at any race you'd try. But make sure you're letting yourself get better from the cold. Summertime colds are the worst -- so get better!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

You are a busy girl! Every time I check back you've been somewhere else! That's so exciting! And you run while on vacation!!!

Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy on yourself, maybe get a Runner's World and go to bed. (That is my personal favorite remedy)