Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh No, Let's Go!

Things over here are going pretty well. My calf is doing much better. I had a little bit of achiness in it after the 5k (yes, this genius wore the racing flats again), but it’s been feeling fine otherwise. My cold is also just about gone. It was a pretty wussy cold. It was at it’s worst last weekend and I felt in my lungs when running sub-6:00 pace in the 5k, but it never got too too bad. I did go to a wedding and drank a little too much (ok, a lot too much) red wine and I paid the price for it yesterday. Thanks coach for the day off every week—it came in handy!

Speaking of the wedding, on Saturday, before the ceremony, I had to do my tempo since I did the race on Wednesday (which took the place of my interval workout). I headed out to the park around 8:30 AM. The sun was already blazing, but it was only in the low 70’s. I was to do 4 x 2 miles at 7:03 with 2:00 recoveries in between. My coach prefers a slower tempo pace than a Jack Daniels (no, the other Jack Daniels, silly) tempo, which is what most people do. In a Jack Daniels world I should be running tempos around 6:40 pace. Of course, I’d be doing much fewer miles—at least half what I’m doing with my coach. But I have to say, my coach’s tempo pace is very comfortable and nice to run. It’s still challenging, but I can relax into it and enjoy it and not have to try constantly to hold it, you know?

Anyway, I did a slow 1 mile warm-up and decided to incorporate a couple of little hills into my two-mile stretch of road that would be my tempo run course. I started the workout and the first mile was very rolly with the hills. It was difficult but I like rolly hills so I didn’t mind. The second mile of my course, was a long gradual (very slight, but still noticeable) uphill that also made that mile challenging. 7:02, 6:59. The beauty of it is, that unbeknownst to me 2 miles ended at a water fountain! That helped me from having another heat related meltdown. Instead of slowly jogging my 2 minutes. I walked over and had a drink and let it settle. Then I started the second rep.

Going back, the first mile was all slightly downhill. Another genius move (or accident) in course planning! I felt like this one was so easy! Effortless! But then the second mile is rolly, but this time more uphill than down. Not so effortless! 6:50, 7:05.

After the second set, I jogged for two minutes and then began the third. I realized how hilly my route was now that I was getting tired. This one was pretty slow. 7:08, 7:02.

The water fountain again! Woohoo! Took a drink. It was beginning to get pretty hot and there was less and less shade as the sun rose. Started the last set. Again, that first mile on the way back is fabulously slightly downhill. I figured my pace would slow down on the hilly second mile but it didn’t—probably because I was excited that a great workout was just about in the books. 6:50, 6:50. I did a slow 1 mile cool down and raced to the drugstore to pick up some make-up and such for the wedding.

I then got home and realized how bad I am at estimating how much time I need for things. We only had 45 minutes to get ready for the wedding ceremony. We couldn’t be late because mrp was an usher. Oops! Anyway, I think I have achieved a new world record in cuting myself up. We made it just on time.

I do have to tell you a little about this wedding. The priest had a mullet. Ok, that’s all you need to know. After the wedding and after mrp fulfilled his picture taking duties (he even did a cheesy back to back pose with the groom—awesome!), we zoomed our way home, but stopped off at Chipotle first. But, but! I could not eat it yet. I was STARVING. After the 10.5 mile workout in the morning I ate a bagel and had 20 oz of Gatorade. That’s it! Yet, I still had to do my PM recovery run. WAAAAA! We flew in the driveway and I flew in the house, threw on the morning’s dirty running clothes and flew back out the door. Luckily my legs were tired so I didn’t fly threw the 3.5 mile recovery run. Plus it was now almost 90 degrees and it was 3:30 so the sun was really ablazing. I came home and made a bee-line for my burrito. Then I achieved a new world record for re-cuting myself and off we went to the reception where I ate gross greasy mass-produced chicken-marsala and green beans almondine, drank too much red wine, and played the air guitar to Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy all before midnight! Somebody slept good that night!


E-Speed said...

oh my the wedding sounds like it was a blast!!!

Great tempo workout.

I adore Chipotle. It is so good after a hard run.

GP said...

Your run-wedding-re-run-re-wedding (with a burrito to boot!) sounds like an awesome movie sequence. Although I think the re-running clothes are clutch. The burrito must have been one nice [edible]trophy to top it off!

You know, I was actually thinking, "and there's Salty's high school" as I ran by it yesterday... because I tend to mentally identify things as I truck along!

It was quite cool doing the trans-Euclid trek yesterday. I used to think it was so far from end-to-end. And just think how much easier it will be when I actually learn how to run!

Last: I enjoy reading about the tempo runs. Much of run-training is still so foreign to me. And reading about your training introduces me to new concepts and ideas that I might not be ready for, but at least I can begin to understand.

It's like Sesame Street for beginner-running adults! But can you see Big Bird huffing down the street? He'd probably look like me.

Uptown Girl said...

Holy smokes! That's dedication:)
Nice splits there for tempo. Hitting those times on the nose is simply awesome.

And yes, tasty rewards after hard runs are the best:)