Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to Stop and Run the 5ks

I have a love hate relationships with days off from running. Part of me loves the flexibility it offers my schedule. I can sleep in! I can go shopping at lunch! I can meet a friend after work! I don't have to lug my big ugly gym bag full of crap every where I go! But part of me feels like I'm missing out on something. It's a beautiful day out there! I miss the woods! What if a woodchuck would have hussled his chubby self across the street as I ran by?! I'm back up to a solid 60 miles per week even with the day off and that's with a short long run and two hard workouts a week so my schedule is pretty demanding. I suppose I should suck it up and fully enjoy the full 8 hours of sleep I got last night, my lunchtime sneak down to Forever 21 (that place has amazingly cute, albeit often cheap to the point of disposable weekend clothing), and my unburdened mile long walk down to my car after work in the beautiful weather we're having today.

As for that 5k tomorrow, I think I'm just going to do it. I really don't care if it sucks and it'll be way more fun to race than to do a tempo workout alone. And really, this is the only time in the next few months in which running a random 5k is really feasible. Things are due to get more intense next month as I prepare for my A races (I'm such a running dork--when did this happen to me?!) And, to my coach's point, I really don't care a whole heck of a lot how I race this thing. I'll admit that I think under the right conditions I could run a pretty hefty pr in the 5k. I think it's one of my softer pr's (I've only really run 2 since I've been training: one was a 19:42 last December and one was a 19:43 in February when it was 12 degrees, snowy, windy, the course sucked, and I was in the middle of marathon training). Although, I have to bear in mind that I don't train for these short little races so maybe my short distance speed is not commenserate with my longer distance abilities. Oh, and the whole having a cold and the totally running myself ragged thing. And perhaps tomorrow will suck. But I have faith that despite the hectic schedule, the stuffy nose, the probable blazing sun and heat, that tomorrow will be fun and I'll be glad I did it. In the end, isn't that all that really matters when it comes to running anyway?


DaisyDuc said...

I am with ya on the days off!

I really like Forever 21, but everytime I go there my husband likes to remind me I am not in my 20's anymore!!! He thinks he can get away with that sort of teasing since he is a mere 20 months younger than me!

Best of luck with the 5K....you are sure to do well!!

Jim said...

A 5K race on a Wednesday? That's crazy talk. Isn't it written somewhere that 5Ks are only allowed on Saturdays and Sundays? Have fun. I'm looking forward to your post-race post.

GP said...

I hope your 5K ran well today. Actually, I hope you ran it well! And I'm very interested to learn about Wednesday races!

I'm having runner's remorse right now (haven't run in a couple days), but feel relieved to read about someone else's torn feelings about off days -- somehow it feels like I'm just dedicated... not addicted!