Monday, July 02, 2007

200 Meter Sandwich

Not much to say these last few days. Pretty ho hum in the running department. I traveled to Connecticut for a long weekend to visit some family I have there. It was a great time. A bunch of my family members met up for my cousin's high school graduation party. We always have fun together. My aunties, my sister, and I had a blast karaoking to everything from Baby One More Time, to 9 to 5, to Super Freak! It was a riot!

Other than that craziness, I got all the running I needed to get done while there. I headed out to a track on Saturday morning. I had a couple of miserable speed workouts in the beginning of the month so I decided to run 2 5ks in the next 2 weeks to run instead of the workouts. I was a little nervous that this one would suck too since I slept horribly the night before on a futon in my Aunt's living room next to my snoring, although still beloved, sister. It went just peachy. My targets were very easy to hit even in the oppressive late morning sun and a steady wind that seemed to be in my face regardless of which direction I was heading.

The workout consists of a 2 mile warm-up that includes 5x200 meters at current 5k pace (for me about 6:15 pace or about 48 second for 200 meters). This is followed by 5 x 1000 at 4:01 (~6:27 pace). What makes this workout hard is not the speed, but the very little rest between reps. I only get one minute to jog, swig some gatorade, or wipe the buckets of sweat off my forehead. Then it's back out for another rep. The first one was way too fast in 3:52. I figured it would be stupid and counter-productive to keep them this far below my tareget, so I corrected on the next one and did better with a 3:57. For the third, the wind picked up and I came in right on time in 4:01. The fourth was 3:58 and the last was 4:00.

I just get one minute after the last 1000 and then I have to start another set of reps. This time it's 5 x 200 in 43 seconds with just a 100 jog in between. I managed 42, 43, 44, 43, 43. Like I said, the taregets are nothing awe inspiring, but it manages to be a tough workout. But I actually enjoyed being back out on the track. I haven't run on a track since the beginning of January. When I run on the track, my mind has little games it plays to get through the reps. For 100's, I have a target for every 200. After each 200 goes by, I then focus on the next split I want to see. I always like the middle 200 because it's sort of this no-mans land sandwiched between 2 400's. I don't know why, but it's my favorite part of each 1000 meter repeat. Of course after all that I have to do a 2 mile cool down. Normally, I like to get off the track for my cool downs, but I had no idea where I was so I just jogged 8 boring laps before jumping back in the rental car to head on back to my aunt's house.

I still needed to do a 3 mile shake-out later in the day. I was hoping my relatives would go to my other aunt's house early so I could sneak in another run without anybody noticing. But nooooooooo. Of course they didn't and I was caught heading back out for a short jaunt. My relatives don't understand and of course accused me (semi-jokingly) of being obsessed or overly dedicated. Basically, they think I'm a total whack-job. I really am pretty normal. I just have a tight schedule and need to be disciplined and regimented to get everything done. I think I redeemed myself with the karaoke, though!

So, that's really all that's been going on around here. Now, I have to focus my attention back to planning that big event that is (most likely*) in less than 5 months! Oh, and tonight I have to do (hopefully!!!) my last weeknight long run for a while. I can't wait to get them back to Sundays!

*We have narrowed the date between 2 saturdays. We should probably pick one soon, huh?


Jim said...

You? Obsessed and overly dedicated? That's just crazy talk. It's more a case of selective passion. ;)

Uptown Girl said...

Obsessed? Nah, no way. It's perfectly normal to break down races, workouts, etc in great detail;-) Good luck with the last long run in the middle of the week. Sunday is meant for the long run, it'll be happy to have you back:)

E-Speed said...

wow that workout sounds pretty rough :) Good on you for getting it all in even on vacation.