Monday, July 16, 2007


First things first. The wedding planning is moving right along. I bought a dress and we finally settled on a date and a reception site. Now it’s on to caterers, photographers, and florists. Yeah! All the expensive stuff!

But, life can never be so simple. No. When everything is going according to plan, the woodchuck gods must mess it up! Mrp and I have a woodchuck living next door. And I mean, right next door. The silly thing decided to tunnel under our deck and right along the foundation of our house! ARGH! This is what I get for saying how cute they are eating their clover and hustling their chub across the street just about every day. I think they are one of the cutest animals out there. Well, on Saturday mrp spied one eating clover just outside our bedroom window. We snook close to the window and delightedly watched it munch away. But then instead of scampering across the field to the woodpile, Mr. Chuck sauntered over to the daisies next to the deck. It ate a couple (which was fine, since we haven't really decided what to do with the back landscaping yet anyway) and then snuck under a hosta. We watched the hosta leaves wiggle and then everything became still. Hmmm. We decided to investigate. We ran outside and out around the deck. We both stood shell shocked staring at the mound of dirt abutting the house and the huge hole under the deck next to it! Oh man! Not a good place for a chuck! So, we’re still trying to figure out how to evict Mr. Chuck. I’ll keep you posted!

In running news, I wish there was something exciting to report here in Saltyland. The running has been going according to plan, which is great, but not exciting. There are no blazing fast track workouts or workouts gone awry. Just sticking to the schedule successfully.

I, guess this is somewhat blog-worthy: I am planning on running a race on Sunday. It’s one of my A races if you want to be all running geek about it. It’s a local 5 miler that always brings out the speedsters. It’s kind of cool because the top 5 men and women and all the age group winners get their picture in the paper. Last year I ran it and shocked myself by running just under 7:00 pace, finishing in 34:57. I couldn’t believe I ran that fast!! Even more shockingly, I won my age group and got my picture in the paper. I felt like a superstar—heh! This year, needless to say, I expect to better that time substantially. I think if all goes well I can improve my time on this course by 4 minutes. Other than a few 200’s here or there I haven’t been training to run fast, so we’ll see how this goes. I should at least be able to better my 32:07 5 mile PR and I’d be happy to do that, but if I can eek in under 31:00 I’ll be thrilled!

I have been feeling pretty good lately and training is going well. Mrp and my coach both think sub 31:00 is well within my capabilities. I just have to make sure not to go out too fast. I really think that’s the one thing that stands in my way. If I go out under goal pace, I’m screwed! 6:08-6:12. 6:08-6:12. 6:08-6:12. That has to be my mantra for the next week. I hesitated to articulate my goal for fear of looking like an idiot if I don’t reach it. But, then I thought what the heck. I might as well put it out there and have a couple of extra people rooting for me, right?! Plus, maybe by admitting it here I can get as confident as mrp and my coach are that I can do it!


Quinto Sol said...

You will break 31... it's all about control. Good luck!

E-Speed said...

I'm sure you'll rock it Sunday! I'm hoping for a good 4 miler on Saturday night downtown!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I think that you can do it too! And I will be rooting for you all the way here in Canada!!

Can't wait to read the report and goooood luck!

GP said...

Burrowing animals are always much cuter when they're crossing the street into someone else's yard. But what's up with animals always seeking out under-the-deck homes?

You're a far more adventurous cupcaker than I am: I stick to her more traditional cuppies, like red velvet, chocolate cherry and vanilla sundae. Although I did try a peach bellini this weekend, and it was all right. I'm sure my building the things up to be the cupcakes of the almighty didn't help.

All the best on your race this weekend. It's amazing to see your progress in just a year—absolutely impressive. We look forward to seeing your face in the paper!

E-Speed said...

hey yeah that was me at the park. I didn't see you or I would have said hello! I am sure your workout was a bit harder than ours. We stuck to the trails at a nice comfortable pace. There was a huge group of second solers out there last night! This week is a back off week for me but otherwise the increase in mileage has gone surprisingly well. No nagging pains yet!

Good Luck on Sunday!