Friday, July 20, 2007


Ahhh! We are being overrun with zucchini! Help! (Have you ever seen Little Shop of Horrors? I hear "Feed me Stanley" every time I look at our 6 monster zucchini plants!) I cannot think of any other way to cook the stuff. I've roasted it, grilled it, sauteed it, put it on pasta, grated it into cornbread and pancakes. I've offered them up free to good homes. Next year, mrp is not allowed 6 zucchini plants. One plant is enough! Geesh! Maybe I can make a pit and put hundreds of zucchini in it like one of those ball pens they have at Chuck E Cheese. Wouldn't it be fun to play in a huge pile of zucchini?! Or speaking of Chuck, do woodchucks like zucchini? Maybe I know how to entice our neighbor out of his unfortunately placed home...

Actually, we think Mr. Chuck has left his anti-building. Mrp's been digging around excavating the hole and I can't imagine it makes Chuck feel warm and cozy down there with some human giving hole burrowing a bad name right outside. We feel comfortable enough that Chuck is gone that we'd be happy to fill the hole in, but the problem is we just don't know how deep it is! We're still trying to figure out what to do. In the meantime, it's nice to see the first real rain of the summer this week while there's a huge gaping hole next to the foundation of our house. Murphy sure knew what he was talking about.

But, really it's nice that there are so many wonderful things to do in the summer. Besides the big stuff, it's fun to experience zucchini overkill and woodchuck surprises. I love the long hours of daylight and the hotness too.

And this summer has been exceptionally great. Running is no exception. I have really been enjoying it lately. I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but my legs have not felt this good probably ever! Seriously, nothing hurts for once.* It's not because I'm not working hard. Believe me, I get kind of worn out by the end of the week. I've been going to the track on Fridays and believe me, doing a workout on Friday night definitely teaches me how to deal with running hard when I'm fatigued. By Friday around 4:00 I am just wiped out from a long week and it is tough to drag myself to the track. Once, I'm there and I've warmed up I'm fine, but passing the happy hourers relaxing on the downtown restaurant patios on our way to our parking space after work and then passing our house (with my nice comfy bed in it!) on the way to the track is hard.

This week is extra nice though. I am not running a track workout tonight. I am just going to go to my favorite trails and relaxedly cruise around in the woods for a while. I am getting very excited about my race on Sunday. I've reached the zen point in my pre-race cycle. I am going to show-up and run what I run. My fitness will dictate what I do at this point. I can't make myself run a sub-31 if I'm not there yet and if I am there, my brain can't stop me!

Anyway, now I have to go master zen and the art of zucchini bread, zucchini burgers, and zucchini derived fossil fuel alternatives.

*Well, of course as I was running so easily and carefree on the trails last night I tripped on a root and almost did a face plant except my left glute sacrificed herself for my face and now it is a little sore--one day before a race. Dammit, Murphy!

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GP said...

What to do with your zucchini: 1) lots and lots of z-heavy minestrone; 2) donate loaves of zucchini bread (if you can't take it anymore) to a homeless shelter, or pass it out to the guys who sleep on the streets of the warehouse dist.; 3) fill the Chuck hole with zucchini.

I'm still entertained — albeit completely intrigued — by the zucchini pool. That would be awesome! Until someone started a zucchini-throwing fight. Something tells me that wouldn't feel great.

Isn't it great to feel... great? I know that I tend to hurt everything imaginable and run into countless hurdles, but there is something about running that makes me feel great beyond all that. Where has running been all my life?

Good luck on your upcoming race(s)!