Monday, August 20, 2007

Learning to Play with Others

So, of course just two days after I wrote my last pathetic post I had a great tempo run and then two days after that I had a fabulous long run. I think my body just needed to adjust to the new workload and now it has. Even my last few easy runs have been 20-30 seconds faster per mile with seemingly the same effort.

Part of the reason for my bounce back is that I had fun. Mrp ran both my track workout with me and my tempo run with me last week. This is funny. Apparently, I am awful to pace for a tempo! If I would have known what makes a good pacee, I swear I would have followed all the rules, but I had no idea. Anyway, I run the same two mile section of rolling road for every tempo run. I just run back and forth until I get all the miles in. I know this road very well. In most places the road is nice and even but in some spots it's very slanty or a little rough and I like to move closer to the middle of the road to be on more even terrain if possible around these spots. Well, to mrp it seemed like I was weaving all over the road. I had the garmin too, so only I knew how far we had gone and how long it took us. He could only go by what I said and most of the time I didn't say the split until 5 seconds or so after we hit it. Sometimes I wouldn't even say the split and just say too fast or too slow which apparently to a pacer sounds like the pacer is going too fast or too slow. But really, I was just saying I was going too fast or too slow.

I guess I saw mrp more as company and in that it would help me hit my paces and mrp saw his job as running right in front of me at the proper pace to demonstrate to me the proper pace. Heh, I didn't even know he was supposed to run ahead of me! He kept going ahead of me and I took this as a sign I was going too slow, so I'd pick it up and try to run even with him! Poor mrp. He was so frustrated by the end and I had no idea why!! I was happy and I felt like we had been successful. To me I was so happy to have the company and to finally have a workout where I felt good. I had no idea there was a pacing protocal for these types of things. Now I know. It's funny what long-time runners take for granted and how much I still don't know three years into my little career!

Anyway, after my nice tempo on Thursday, a decent 8 miler on Friday, I headed down to CVNP to meet a new running friend for my long run on Saturday. The plan was for me to do 19--15 easy, 3 close to long tempo pace, and 1 including 3 x 100 strides and a cool down. I met *T* and off we went. *T*'s quite an accomplished runner and I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with her. But, it was a beautiful morning and I felt great. The 15 miles together flew by and seemed pretty easy. Except for a hilly rougher terrained section we were clipping along in the 7:40's or even the 7:30's and chatting the entire time about this and that. *T* shared quite a bit of insight about marathon training that I appreciate immensely and it was just plain old fun to chat about all kinds of girly stuff on the run. After 15 miles, *T* turned around to push her last of her 16 miles for the day and I headed out another mile to start my 3 mile push. I picked it up comfortably and finished the last three in 6:58, 6:58, 6:54 feeling very relaxed. The strides are always tough but I got them done and then jogged back to say goodbye to *T* and get mrp to head on home to do yucko chores. We had to go to a pre-marital retreat thing all day on Sunday so all our normal weekend stuff had to be crammed in on Saturday. The retreat thing was nice, so that makes up for the fact that we missed out on a nice local race on a day with just about perfect racing weather! Oh well. Really, there are more important things than running

In other news the weather has been just rain and rain and rain the past couple of days. Perfect for the cross-country race I was planning to run tomorrow!

PS I was talking with mrp at lunch about tomorrow's race. He suggested that since my goal is the marathon that running a cross-country 5k race after three straight days of rain might be counter-productive to that goal so we are going to do a time trial on the track tomorrow instead. So, I'm going to try to break 19 minutes for 12.5 laps tomorrow afternoon instead. Wish me luck!


GP said...

Isn't is incredible how we all complained about how hot it was for weeks and weeks, and now it just won't stop raining? It's about enough rain already, geez!

Just a brief break would be nice. Even just a walk to the car without going for a swim!

I'm very happy to hear you're back on your Salty feet! It sounds like you had some awesome runs... and I can imagine myself interpreting the pacing manners the same way. Hee hee. It's great that you have someone to support you in that capacity.

Thanks for the confidence booster re: my race and improvement. There is hope for me yet! It's mind blowing to see how speedy you've become so quickly. High five to you! But it's also reassuring to see that you weren't just born an elite runner. Ah, reasons to keep training.

Yeah for Jettas!

E-Speed said...

the track is probably a good idea. The course will be slow tonight because of wet boardwalks and possible mud.

You looked like you were cruising Saturday. Now the 8:40 pace I was so happy with sounds pitiful!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Good Luck!!!

Glad to hear you are feeling better :)