Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plan C

So yesterday I was all excited and a little nervous about the time trial when I received an e-mail from coach. Coach advised that it's better to not race or do a time trial this week, but if I chose to do a time trial I should do it for 3200 meters rather than 5k. Well, that changed everything. It's one thing to run a 5k at a suboptimal point in training because it's convenient, but it's another thing to run a time trial that I can run any time at a suboptimal point in training. So, I just did a boring old workout last night.

Actually, although it wasn't nearly as exciting as a race or even a fake race, it wasn't really boring. Since school is back in session over much of the land, we decided to forgo the certain hassle of finding a free track and headed to one of our favorite parks. We don't run at this park very often because it's pretty far from where we live, way on the west side versus way on the east side. But since we were way out west, we made an event out of it and even had dinner at one of our favorite west-side restaurants.

Anyway, I did the same workout I did last week: 3 mile warm-up including 4 x 150m strides; 6 x 1000 meters @ 3:57 with jogged 200m recoveries; 6 x 100 @ FAST! with jogged 100 recoveries; 2 mile cool down. Mrp and I started the warm-up nice and easy and steadily picked it up on the bridle path. I did my strides at the start of the third mile and we finished in just a little under 24 minutes. Then we moved onto the paved path and started the intervals. After last week's lesson in how to be a good pacee, I gave Mrp the garmin this time and I dutifully ran right behind him. It was a totally different workout off the track. It didn't feel as fast to me--I could actually picture myself comfortably racing at that pace. I noticed that it was really just hard at the start of each one to readjust to the relatively fast pace, but once I settled in I was pretty comfortable. Oh, and finishing the fourth one up a hill kind of sucked! But, we got through the 6 intervals relatively easily and after marking out a 100 meter course on the paved path, mrp left me to my 100's as he headed for the confines of the wooded bridal path for a longer cool down run of his own.

I probably looked like some idiot old lady running super duper hard on the very populated bike path. People probably thought I was a a) some weird overzealous freak; b) on fire; or c) showing off. In fact, commenter number one, a man on a bicycle ride informed me that I was making him look bad as he passed me and I was sprinting down the path. Commenter number two took a different approach and gave me a thumbs up and a gleeful smile. If nothing else, I am glad I can entertain!

I felt great throughout the whole workout and even had a nice cool-down. Sure, I was tired, but it felt good. I would have liked to race last night. I would like to see some concrete evidence that my hard work is paying off, but really I should trust the way I've been feeling over the last week or so and trust that it certainly is.


E-Speed said...

sounds like you are smoking all of your workouts! which marathon are you training for?

Quinto Sol said...

...and here I was waiting for the evaluation 5k-track report... I actually thought mrp was on to something with that sub-19... too bad the coach trumped him :-(

GP said...

I've been running my faster intervals down my street after work. And if I go at peak runner/walker time, I get those "well, who do you think you are?" looks. Perhaps we're just supposed to be power-walking like good girls ;-)

Have you ever seen the Friends episode (I was a fanatic; please excuse me if you didn't dig it) with Phoebe running? She has her arms and legs flailing... like she's on fire. I feel I must look like that. But at least I'm having fun!

Papa Louie said...

2 thumbs up!