Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Catalog of Bad Form 2.0

I did this after the River Run last year and I thought it was funny (I don't care if you don't) and so back by no demand whatsoever:

Look! I'm beating the old guy (who apparently ran the course backwards and forwards--go old guy)!

I'm doing a fine Popeye inpersonation. Too bad there's no audio.

That would be the wonky arm. As is this. This. And this.

And this wouldn't be a complete collection of race photos without the one displaying an incredibly pained look on my face and scary hulk quads.



Papa Louie said...

Bad form turn good and enough to look tough and race fast.

GP said...

Well, all I really know is swimming, and Janet Evans had the worst form on the planet. And how long did she rule the swimming world? "Good" form seems all relative to me. Maybe you'll start a trend.

Uptown Girl said...

LOL, bad form, yet great times!

Quinto Sol said...

Ahh that old guy actually ran the course backwards for a full 'thon. He did the first half in 1:29:xx and the return in 1:46... I read his race report. He is a decent runner, but no match for you. He also belongs to the Dead Runners Society as his singlet suggests :-)

I really like the black 'outfit.' I miss the green gloves though :-)

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