Friday, September 07, 2007

Hang on to Your Breakfast

*I was so beat down on Wednesday, I actually cut my run short that evening. I haven't done that in a long long time. I went into it thinking 10 and then I let myself aim for 9, since my schedule calls for 9-10 but then at 8 miles the back of my right leg just above the knee got this weird tightness/pain thing that I had last week after running 43 miles in 3 days with no recovery. I suppose it makes sense after running 57 miles in 4 days with no recovery. One word. Say it with me now. Duh.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll start doing the recovery runs the day after the workouts from now on. It's just that these past couple of weeks had appointments after work, so I wanted to put my short recovery runs on those days so I didn't have to run after work or wake up in the middle of the night and run in the dark. From now on instead of moving the runs to accomodate appointments, I'm moving the appointments to accomodate my runs. With one more month of hard training to go, it's the right thing to do lest I blow all these months of hard work.

The other thing I need to do is be consistent about going to bed on time and getting the sleep I need. I didn't quite get to bed early, early the past couple of nights but I did get to bed on time and had a very good 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep two nights in a row. That extra 1/2 hour to 45 minutes makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. (Oh, and for the record I also made the cats happy by picking up the cat food on Wednesday night. No, they don't get fancy feast. Like their momma, my cats are low maintenance, subsisting on dried food plus a splash of cow milk in the morning and a few crunchy kitty treats at night--that's not to say that's my diet, but you know what I mean! I also picked up burritos for dinner on Wednesday containing fresh tomatoes, peppers, and corn with plenty of vitamins to keep me from having to suck on limes. Last night we got to taste our wedding menu so our caterer took good care of me!)

Anyway, the point is I'm feeling much better. I did a slow and short recovery run (and although I was oh so tempted to add on that extra mile or two I shaved off the night before, I'll have you know I didn't do it). I felt a faint tightness in the back of my leg but it wasn't nearly as bad as last week or anything to worry about really. Tonight I'm running 10 as easy as I need it to be with 8 x 100 strides and then going home to a refreshing ice bath to loosen these puppies up for Sunday. Then one more short little 5 mile trot and I'm all set for my half-marathon on what's looking to be a rainy Sunday morning. I really can't wait to see my hard work pay-off.

Heh. This is funny. Last year at this race I wasn't feeling so hot. I ran it ok (1:35:11, if I recall correctly which was just about where I should have been at that time), but just a few steps into the finishers' chute and I puked all over the place!! It was pretty mortifying. I was miserable that whole entire day afterwards. This time I have a time goal in mind of course, but my secondary goal is to keep my breakfast down and finish with some dignity!

*How cute is this?! I have not been very inspired with the photo choices lately, so if in doubt I'll go with shots of cute elderly people or fat bored looking cats.

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E-Speed said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll rock it!