Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slanted and Disenchanted

So, my butt hurts. Sure my legs were feeling pretty crappy before the half on Sunday, but since the little muscle in the middle of my right cheek has been oh so tender and oh so prone to tightening up the last few miles of my runs. I have been stretching and massaging and poking and prodding and it just won't quit annoying me! And it sucks because just when I am tired and looking forward to the last hardest weeks of training I am dealing with extra discomfort on every run, not to mention the fear that it's going to blow up and put my training to dead halt.

And what do I have to blame. That damn course! The course is supposedly this fast net-downhill course. Well, I suppose if you just look at the elevation change you might think that. But I was there. There is one big downhill on the course and it happens very early on in mile three. After that, the course has a gentle roll to it with a largish uphill in the middle of mile nine. But what sucks about it, is that the road is like a roller coaster track. It goes up and down to accommodate the little hills but then it twists and turns and with every twist or turn comes a huge slant in the grade of the pavement. I looked at my log from last year and I had the exact same pain the week after this race last year as this year. Go figure. Stupid cambered road.

Anyway, so now I have a very tender piriformis muscle and I'm not sure what to do about it. Generally these little soft tissue injuries pop up because of some minor trauma occurring in training only to fade into the injury ethers after an ice bath and a recovery run or two. I kind of like the idea of doing nothing and letting it work itself out. But, that only works if it will work itself out and I don't know that it will. I am very hesitant at this point to proceed with my CV workout tomorrow. I'm supposed to do 13 miles with 8 x 1000 and 8 x 100. If I run them on the track I can rely on a soft even surface, but the turns might aggravate it. If I run them on the paved path at the park I'll have to contend with a slightly slanty or uneven surface every so often which might aggravate it. Or I could just stop worrying about it and just run the damn workout. I made an appointment with my ART guy for Monday so I just need to make it through--hmmm, let's see--53 miles with just 15 at a faster than easy pace (5 at 6:20 pace and 10 at 6:50 pace). I can do it.


E-Speed said...

hmm that little downhill at mile 3 was the start of all my fall injuries last year. That course is a bear to navigate without screwing up something!

hopefully some stretching and ice until you see the doc will keep the pain at bay.

Joe said...

Ouch. When the injury shit hits the fan, I usually go home and cower.

Quinto Sol said...

I have a most excellent stretch for you:

It got rid of my piriformis syndrome. Give it a try.

Joseph P. Wood said...

If it were me, I'd let it rip on the soft surface and see how it feels. If things go South, then you know it's time to back down and scratch the workout. After all, you're plenty fit. One off workout ain't gonna make you lose your fitness...

Otherwise, ditto: ice and stretch.