Saturday, September 29, 2007


Today I think I had the most fun I've ever had at a race! Somewhere there is a race picture guy laughing at my geeky grin as I charged down some street in downtown Akron.

I ran probably the stupidest race I have ever run, gunning it from the getgo at a sub-6 pace. That's downright slow for some, but utterly idiotic for me. That's ok, though. It felt so good! But payback got me and it got me good. After 2 blissful miles hauling my ass through the city, I careened like a mack truck with no brakes down a huge hill to the relative roar of the crowd and then turned onto the towpath. Cue crickets. Um. Where'd everybody go? Man, I was all by myself all of a sudden and running on a surface that absorbed my energy to boot. It was just me, my watch, my lactic filled legs, and of course the crickets. I tried to hard to keep running fast, but every split got progressively slower. It was almost comical and I think I might have even laughed.

Then the worst thing--I got passed by marathoners. People running 26.2 passed little old me who was running 20 miles less! Yikes! But I looked over at the first of the little pack and it was Ron from The RunZone. That made me happy. At least I felt good to see him do well! Then it occurred to me--other people! Woo. Use them. So, I tried to stay with them and I at least didn't fall back too much more. Anyway, as we ended our stay on the towpath I started to get excited. Just a 1k left and I'll give it everything I got! We made the turn off the dirt and there stood a steep 800 meter long hill. JEEZ! Twist the knife, why don't you! I chugged and finally I saw my 4th legger and I hit my watch and handed her the bracelet.

Of course the first thing I did was review the splits to see how I did (after I thanked rootsrunner for being my man-on-bike supporter for the first few miles--Thanks, roots and nice to meet you in person!). My watch said 38:57. Woohoo! But then. Then I remembered that I didn't get the bracelet (or hit my watch) for a few seconds after our second-legger hit the mat. Bummer. But, the 39:05 is a respectable pr given my idiocy, so I'll take it!

My fab coach was waiting to see how I did today before finalizing my peaking schedule. I finally know what I'm doing between now and Columbus. Contrary to popular belief, my mileage is eeking up to almost 90 this week, then down to the low 70's next week, and then mid 50's the week of the race. Part of me wanted to cry when I realized that and part of me is excited to really push the envelope and go for it. I might not blog very much in the next few weeks though. With my job, and that thing called a wedding that's happening in 6 weeks, I might not have much time to be a good blogger!

Great job out there everyone today. It got pretty hot out there the last 10k of the marathon or so and I really felt for everyone out there. I did my best cheerleader impersonation on my cool down and I hope I helped rather than hindered (or made too much of an ass out of myself--heh). Congrats especially to *G* who finished her first half marathon. Woohoo G! Also, I am so unbelievably proud of *E* who might not have made her primo-awesome goal, but she hung in there in far from ideal conditions, got a nice pr, and earned a little cash to boot. She did amazingly well pushing those last 2+ miles when I know the heat, sun, and relentless hills were bearing down on her. Congratulations!!! I hope you smiled!


Joseph P. Wood said...

I have never heard this "crickets" term. It's cute really. Anyhow, nice work on the PR. Columbus, here you come!

GP said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And congrats to you! You ran a killer 10K... and what makes a PR better than having a good time doing it?

I've never been to a race of this size and energy level, but now I know how/why runners come back for more.

Make sure you keep having fun — with marathon training and wedding planning. It's going to be quite the Salty fall this year!

E-Speed said...

Glad you had a good time out there! You looked great when you went by me during my warm up! I can't believe your team wasn't first co-ed with you going by so early. You good river folks are too dang fast!

You are so ready for Columbus. I am so excited for you!