Monday, September 24, 2007

The Wave

I am a bipolar runner, I swear. I go from craptastic weekday slogfest to happy weekend cruising. I've given up trying to analyze the ups and downs. Feeling good or bad cannot be predicted these days. It really is a day by day thing. One thing is consistent and gives me hope though--my long runs have been just terrific! Good weather, a good pacer, and pretty good running on my part! Here's a little background.

My coach gave me two workouts to do each week for September.

1. A midweek workout of 17.5-19 miles: AM 4-5 in the morning PM 13-14 including 5 w/u, 6 x 1 @ HMP with 1:00 jogged recovery, 6 x 100 strides @3k pace within a 2 mi c/d.

2. A weekend wave workout long run of 19-21 alternating 1 mi at goal pace and one mile easy followed by 6 x 100 strides @ 3k pace and then a 1/2 mile jogged c/d.

You pretty much know about the midweek workouts. They've been kicking my can all over Northeast Ohio. Because these have been so difficult and since my half was a little underwhelming, I thought the first very successful long run workout was a fluke. But then last Sunday I did the second one and it was even better than the first. Then this Saturday I did the third and it was even better still. Mrp paced as usual and he is so funny--he doesn't really see the need to drink water. He's some sort of camel I swear. I need to stop at least once during a 18+ miler, especially in 70+ heat and sun! We did the whole thing with no water at all and by mile 17 or so my abs were cramping really bad. I had a horrid side-stitch by the end of the last easy mile and stretched it out before finishing the last hard mile. I was happy that it was even close to on pace! Anyway, here's how they've gone:

Wave Workout #1 9/1

8:16, 6:49, 7:51, 6:55, 7:54, 6:52, 8:04, 6:48, 7:44, 6:49, 7:53, 6:48, 7:26, 6:47, 7:41, 6:43, 7:54, 6:49

Wave Workout #2 9/16

8:15, 7:45, 7:00, 7:49, 6:49, 7:29, 6:48, 7:53, 6:43, 7:58, 6:47, 7:49, 6:47, 7:37, 6:47, 7:43, 6:47, 7:39, 6:45

Wave Workout #3 9/22

8:18, 6:45, 7:37, 6:43, 7:47, 6:44, 7:53, 6:45, 7:44, 6:40, 8:13 (turnaround and hilly mile), 6:45, 7:29, 6:44, 7:49, 6:41, 7:53, 6:49, 8:00, 6:54

I have felt pretty solid. The hard miles are hard, especially the last half of the workout, but not killing me or anything. It's just funny to me that these workouts have gone so well, while my midweek workouts, even the ones on pace, seem so much harder. Maybe I'm a morning person? Maybe I am working so hard on these that I'm toast for Tuesday or Wednesday?

I asked the coach and he said I would probably feel better if I slept more and to make sure I'm hydrated and my glycogen stores are as full as I can get them. It's hard to plan a wedding, work a professional job, run 80 miles a week and get more than 7 hours of sleep. I have been so proud of myself for getting 7.5 on weeknights lately, I'm not sure if I can squeeze in more. I'll try, though. As for hydrating and eating--it's tough. Really, the last thing I want to do at 9:00 after running is eat a heavy, calorie-laden meal. I drink a lot of chocolate soy milk, but maybe it's not enough. I also notice that I zone out at work and go a long time wothout filling my water cup. I swear, coach, I'll be better!! If it means I'll be sane again, I'll do it!!!

Anyway, I'm still struggling with deciding on a goal for the marathon. Someone asked me the other day and I said, "low three's, like 3:03." I felt fine saying that. At the same time, I just want to do the best I can. If that's what it is, great. If it's slower, fine. But if I can run faster, damn it, I want to do it!


Joseph P. Wood said...

Those are some really great Tinman workouts; I've found that when my LR have some kind of tempo work in them, I tend to rearing to go during race day. SO...

Salty, I really think you're in solid shape to go low/sub 3! When you do start the taper? If I'm not mistaken, Tinman doesn't really cut the mileage until about 10 days-2 weeks out, and that the mileage drop is relatively modest at that...

Joe said...

Those are some wicked workouts. That coach has no mercy on you.

DaisyDuc said...

Now I see what you were referring to today with your workouts. Definitely interesting to hear about some of the techniques others are using!

Good to finally run with ya today!

Quinto Sol said...

I am not sure I understand the purpose of these waves but they look interesting and the final average is only 30-40 sec slower than MP which makes the workout quite tough (at least on paper :-) since I have never tried anything like this).

I rather run continuous MP for half of the long run... but what do I know? ;-)

Papa Louie said...

3:03 looks doable for you based on your training and speed.