Monday, October 15, 2007

The Foo and a Happy Feeling

Did I ever tell you about my newfound love of the Foo Fighters? I don't know why, I swear I have better taste, but I just love them. Although I always appreciated Nirvana, I actually never even noticed the Foo Fighters until like two months ago (and yes, the Foo is definitely cheesecake compared to Nirvana). Before then, I couldn't tell one of their songs from another one. And now, of course, I'm obsessed. Apparently Everlong is really popular as a first dance song at weddings, so apparently I am very normal for liking the Foo Fighters in this wedding state of mind I'm in. (Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder.) But over the past few months every time they come on the radio in the car mrp and I sing along and act fools. Usually we hear Monkey Wrench, Learning to Fly, or Everlong. But, get this--Times Like These and My Hero make me cry! I am such a sap--and not just any sap, but a sap with questionable taste. Yikes! The reason I am telling you this is that I just found this string quartet that did an album of all Foo Fighter songs and I can't stop listening to it. The string version of those songs makes me happy in that sappy kind of way, but so far I am tear free today in my office.

Anyway, so if you couldn't tell, last post I was a bit nervous and that was my attempt to reassure myself. Repeated barrages of positive self-talk and plan corroboration with Tinman and mrp have helped me to be really confident and zen about the whole thing. Now I can say, without lingering scaredy feelings lurking in the back of my mind, that I am excited and ready to roll. Yes, of course I'm nervous! But, in a good way--in an I'm amped up and excited and hope it's a great day kind of way.

The plan is to go out at 7:00 pace for the first three miles and then per Tinman's instructions, drop the pace at the three mile mark to 6:53. If I feel like it later in the race I can pick it up and go for it! If not, I'm running a great time as is. I am very happy with this plan and I feel confident in my ability to adjust as needed given circumstances beyond my control. It'll be neat to see how it actually pans out. I'd put my money on hitting those paces exactly for every mile. Heh. Actually, I will just be happy if I don't go out to fast and I'm somewhere in the ball park.

Other than making plans and writing little OCD lists of things to pack, and wear, and eat, and buy, etc etc etc I am enjoying my short little runs, getting out in the gorgeous fall weather and trotting around the woods alone or through the city with my running buds. After all that hard work and weeks of zombieness I am feeling like a happy little runner again. I love when hard work pays off!


Lloyd said...

Good luck, Laura!

Good idea to make your plan now. No need to fret for the rest of the week. All the training and the decisions are made. Now is time to go on auto-pilot, with confidence, and do all the things necessary to find a peaceful and relaxing Saturday.

Yet if I could make a suggestion...for the first three miles, I'd err on the slow side. There's plenty of time to make up a few seconds. Trust me.

Have a great week. I'm rooting for you!

Joseph P. Wood said...

Sounds like an excellent plan and sounds like you've got an excellent attitude. I'm here vicariuosly training through you.

Adeel Ahmad said...

The Foo Fighters are great. I haven't met another person who appreciates them in a while. You're quite normal for liking them.

Uptown Girl said...

I'm cheering from over here:) Good luck this weekend!