Friday, October 19, 2007

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Newsflash: Apparently there is runner tracking for Columbus. If you're so inclined go here and type in number 2386.

So, we're just two days away from the big day, folks. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited. Of course, I'm nervous and a bit jittery, but it's way more a 5 year old's Christmas Eve jitters than the day before a root canal jitters. Something that helps me with nerves is to always have some sort of plan for after the race. What next?

I really feel like all the work I did this summer, while it will certainly pay off on Sunday, will really pay off after the marathon--after I've had time to rest and recuperate from it and my legs are back to 100%. Just for fun I scoped out my recent past by looking at my log for the last 8 weeks and I am amazed at what I have done! Over those weeks I ran 75.75, 78, 78.5, 80, 90.25, 89, 66.5, with this week panning out to be 39 before the marathon. I never thought I could do that! My first week of taper was more miles than I ran during my peak weeks for my previous two marathons. Insanity! Theoretically, all those miles shouldn't just make me a good marathoner, but a good every distance runner. After the marathon I should easily be able to set some serious pr's at shorter distances. I am planning to race as much as I can throughout November and December. There won't be a ton of races to choose from up here in the tundra, so I couldn't overrace even if I wanted to, don't worry.

The one race I am really really looking forward to is USATF Cross-Country Nationals in Cincinnati. I am so excited that I have an opportunity to run with my team among the country's best runners. Sure, I'll be bringing up the rear, but that's cool with me. Just having that opportunity just amazes me!! And to think, three years ago I could barely run 3 miles straight!!! And cross-country is tons of fun to boot!!!

Anyway, back to the boring terrained present. This morning, I trotted along on the treadmill for a 3 miler and felt great--better than I have in a long time, actually. I ran my normal easy easy pace, 8:30 or so and played with the incline a bit just to engage as many muscles as I could. Nothing fancy. My shin felt fine. Maybe I ran too slow on Wednesday and my form was out of wack and that's why the shin acted up. But whatever the reason, the niggle appears to be transient. No worries there. Everything else felt pretty good. My butt and hammies weren't tight on the run, but I noticed my left hammie/butt was quite a bit tighter than the right one when I was stretching. I'll keep working on that, but I also don't think it's anything to worry about.

Also, the weather appears like it's going to behave for the most part. It's supposed to be a perfect 53 or so at the start, but a pretty warm upper 60's by the time I finish. As no one needs reminding, it could be way worse! Actually, now that we're on the topic, if you're looking for some running inspiration check out Bridget's performance in this year's Chicago Marathon. All I can say is WOW! When I'm all hot and feeling crappy at mile 24, I'll think, "Bridget wouldn't back down!"

Yikes! I can't believe I'll be finished in less than 48 hours! It's crazy how fast the time went by. As all my wonderful running buds have assured me, I am as ready as I'll ever be and I've worked so hard and I'm ready to roll. So, look out Columbus, here I come!


E-Speed said...

Have a blast this weekend! Maybe we can have a very sleepy recovery run on Monday to discuss your awesome performance!

Quinto Sol said...

"So, look out Columbus, here I come!"
Hear, hear!

Oh and I meant to write shin in my last comment, but my german accent got on the way :-)

GP said...

Kick some salty butt this weekend, girl! I think this is your race. And I can't wait to hear about it. We were in Columbus last weekend, so I'm bummed that we missed the chance to cheer on a champion. But at least we get to watch you online!

Run! Salty! Run!

Tall Girl Running said...

Good luck, Salty! I worship the ground you run on. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Good luck tomorrow. I've only recently started following your running, but it seems like you're right on in your training for this one. I'm looking forward to thre results.