Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not a Pilgrim, but Progress

Oh, it's Thanksgiving isn't it! I better be a little more positive around here and articulate some bit of thankfulness instead of all this whining, shouldn't I? Ok, then. I am thankful I have the leisure to run for fun. Heh. Back in the Pilgrims' time I doubt there was much running other than away from something mean!

But seriously, I am feeling much more at peace with my predicament. I know it probably does seem like I'm a huge whiner. Things, afterall, could be much worse than the mere blah faze I am experiencing. But I've accepted the blah and since then I've been feeling much better about running, mentally anyway.

But really, what else can I do but accept it? I can force my way through it and run myself into the ground as meghan warns. I can whine about it more. I can quit. Or I can just suck it up like a big girl. Fine, this does seem like the best alternative, doesn't it.

So yeah, I have accepted the fact that I am not going to be pulling any post-Chicago Bridgets anytime soon. And, while part of me is dying for a new pr to call my own, I'm cool with this state of things. I am supposed to run a 5 miler tomorrow, but honestly I am going to wait until the last minute to decide whether to enter and then whether to even bother racing it. I have almost been enjoying my easy runs this week and I don't want to rock the boat and risk hurting my body or worsening the blahs with a sub-par performance. At the same time, maybe it would be good for me to go race and have fun and just do the best my body and mind can do for me now. Afterall, I'm supposed to be accepting this down-time.

In any event, it's mrp's and my first holiday as a mr. and mrs. and it should be a nice cozy day spent with our families and lots of pie! I hope you all have a well-earned happy Thanksgiving too!


Mindi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I mentioned to you before, I am going through a bit of the same thing. I have just decided to embrace it all as a much needed rest period. Not that just saying that makes everything ok, but it does help. I keep thinking of all the people that are injured b/c they just kept pushing through when they knew damn well that they shouldn't. It is hard not to get obsessive about getting back out there after you were working so hard and it just became part of who you are. But you need to. You need to recover. Once you are recovered, you will rediscover the joy of whipping all of your competition and you will be ready to crank it up again. If you do not, you will be one of the people lamenting a 6 week layoff (or more) due to injury.

Enjoy the holiday. Enjoy your newlywed happiness and RELAX. :)

Papa Louie said...

Progress is good. Hope you had a great time with your family enjoying a good feast.

kenyarunb said...

Hang in there, Salty!! I think enduring the post-marathon "blahs" is just part of weathering the cool-down; you have been training like a superstar for a LONG time . . . your body just needs a brief time-out before it is ready to rebound and turn in a sub 3 :)

Don't shy away from hopping into a few races for fun, though. "Blahs" often turn into PRs . . .trust me on this one!

Congrats on the wedding :)


GP said...

Happy Thanksgiving and every more happy marriage to you and mrp!

Enjoy your downtime. Think of it like winter vacation from school and make the best of it. When you hit the road at Salty levels again, you'll be the better for it. But you know that.

Be well, happy and rested.