Monday, November 26, 2007


Yes. This lady did not race on Thanksgiving. In fact, she didn't even run at all! My Wednesday run was horrible. I was huffing and puffing and achey running slower than 9:00 pace. After that I absolutely decided there would be no trot for me. This was a great decision because I got to stay in my fluffy warm bed and cuddle with mrp and my cat while we listened to the wind howl and watched the cold rain turn to sleety snow. I have never enjoyed not racing so much! Not an ounce of guilt, either!

Like mainers, though, I couldn't not do something knowing full well I'd be stuffing my belly with all kinds of good stuff later in the day. So before we headed to Grandma's house, I did a solid session of strengthening focusing on my quads, calves, abs, and arms. I am still sore 4 days later! But most of the day was spent relaxing and enjoying the company of family. Oh and teaching a toddler how to do an ally-oop and a 4 year old what body language means. An added bonus of marriage, a new niece and nephew to call my own! Being an aunt is fun!

I did get out and run the rest of the extended weekend and in doing so I got a nice tour of my favorite parks. I did a hilly 12+ miler around my neighborhood, running up and up and up to Chapin Forest about 4 miles from our house and then around the trails taking in the beautiful view of Lake Erie (which is pretty from 18 miles away, I swear!) from the top of the glacial ridge. The beauty of this route is that after all that climbing up it's pretty much downhill for 5 miles all the way home.

On Saturday I did an easy hour in North Chagrin, which is wonderful in its own right, but admittedly I take it for granted a bit since it's the park that hosted just about every one of my midweek runs over the past two summers. Then yesterday I met two of my buddies at CVNP for another 12+ miler. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up, being as I've been so sluggish lately, but I managed to hang with them and chat away no problem. I think one of the best things that has come out of the past few months of training is finding good running buddies. It really makes a world of difference to not only have company on a run sometimes, but to have friends who can relate to your runner neuroses, ocd tendancies, type a-ness, and all that stuff.

It's kind of funny. Somehow, after taking an easy week, sleeping in, relaxing and enjoying myself, I manage to catch a cold. How I managed to get one now rather than two months ago when I was running so much and sleeping such an inadequate amount that I was regularly falling asleep at the dinner table is beyond me! Luckily it's just a touch of a sore throat and the mildest of sniffles, so it won't interfere with this week's relaxing too much, don't you worry!

*tm Mindi


DaisyDuc said...

It was nasty out there at the turkey trot! Glad to hear it sounds like you had a good weekend of running!

The Salty One said...

Hey D!! I thought of you out there in that yucky weather. I hope it went well and that you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

E-Speed said...

hope that cold doesn't get you down! I bagged the trot this year too. Although I did run it was nice not dealing with 10,000+ runners to get in the miles.

Joseph P. Wood said...

Hey Salty, glad to hear you've taken some downtime. Do you think you'll hammer it at XC Nats in a few weeks, or is it more a wait and see sort of thing? Glad your holiday was good.

GP said...

It's a good time to get the sick out of your system anyway — it's in between major holidays, it's getting pretty chilly and it's "off" season.

And at least you should have plenty of leftovers to stuff that cold, right? Get well.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Heyy! Hope You Feel Better! I wonder if turkey soup works the same as chicken soup?