Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Maintenance Mode: My Running Doesn't Need Me Anymore

I'm getting bored and feeling like a big fat slob on my recreational running plan. I need to get disciplined and feel like I'm doing something. I like a nice neat orderly scheduled routine. Lucky for me Tinman gave me a little routine to use on my downtime to keep me in shape, but allow my body a break from hardcore training. I really like it because he knows my propensity to bug out about numbers so I can adapt it to run based on time or distance. So, I can do my workouts like fartleks by feel, or I can run an easy 6 miles and not worry about how long it takes me.

So, here's my new routine:

Mon: no running

Tu: 1 hour containing 30 minute fartlek (10 x 2:00 @ ~10k effort, 1:00 recoveries)

We: 4-6 easy

Th: 9-10 with 3 miles continuous tempo or run as a wave

Fr: no running

Sa: 4-6 easy

Su: easy "long" of 10-12

I already screwed it up though. I didn't run at all on Monday or Tuesday of this week. And I ate everything in sight. I feel so gross! I am going to run today and probably break the treadmill or make potholes on the roads if I venture outside.

It's kind of crazy. As I was decorating and cooking and wrapping and eating and cleaning and entertaining and being entertained these past few days, I felt myself missing the good old days of having to get to bed early so I could get up early and get my workout in or having to run home in the middle of some festivity to get my second run in of the day. I feel kind of like a parent of a teenager--running doesn't need me anymore! But it was nice to not have to worry about it too. I could stay out late without feeling antsy or "bad." I could sleep in and wake up and get things done and I didn't have to put everything off until I got my run in. I felt like a normal person, not that that's so great or anything, but for so many months I have been wondering what that felt like and now I know. And if you've been wondering, I can save you this step by telling you you're not missing much. Heh.

But Christmas over here was nice. Mrp and I had our parents and my sister over on Christmas morning hosting out first official holiday gathering--although some of our guests had to bring thier own chairs (we're working on furnishing our house. I've always lived in apartments and hand-me-down furniture so having a home and the ability to furnish and decorate is new territory for me and it's not something I am particularly good at. So even though we've lived here for over a year we only have a kitchen table, a couch--both mrp's parents' from 1978!--and my old futon bed which is about as flat as a pancake now. At 32 and 34 with professional jobs you'd think we could do better than that!) I made sweet potato hash and a quiche as well as way too many cookies and chocolates. Everyone ate lots and no one died, so we did well! And of course we saw lots of our extended families too at several other parties and it was nice. A little too hectic for my taste, but definitely nice. I hope yours were nice too!


Mindi said...

Merry Christmas Salty!!

I am feeling exactly the same way re running. It really kind of sucks.

I'm glad you had a nice holiday! Hopefully you and mrp have the week off to relax and enjoy your first Christmas as a legal pair. :)

Papa Louie said...

I think the holidays brings us to the point of making and breaking our workout rountines. Maybe it's a good thing too. It's like a calibration of our busy lives.

GP said...

It sounds like you had a great first official Christmas. I hope everyone appreciated your hard work for their holiday enjoyment!

I skipped ahead a week in my off-season to swipe away the I-ate-so-much-I-don't-even-fit-into-my-robe blues. What about the holidays possesses me to eat 70 times my daily calories? But at least I have training to get me on the straight and narrow.

All the best for the holidays to you. I hope your training makes the season bright.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Not running and eating a lot is definately part of the holiday! Don't feel too guilty :o)

Looks like you got a good program. Enjoy the extra time you'll have while not running.

Glad you had a nice Holiday!

Meghan said...

Happy holidays, Salty!

Enjoy, revere, dance about in your downtime! Embrace a bit of caloric debauchery during the holidays! Recoveries/down times are for both the body and the mind, would you agree?

aharmer said...

Hey Salty,

I don't think we've ever corresponded here but we read a couple similar blogs. Great idea on the second blog for pics, I'll be starting that one tonight! See you around.