Monday, December 17, 2007

My, How Far We've Come

I'm back running again. Isn't it thrilling?! I was going to take a full 7 days off but by Friday of last week I just felt like running. So I hopped on the tready and belted out 4 sub 8:00 miles for the first time in a long time for a non-workout type run. I would say it was an easy run, but sadly it was marginally difficult--probably too taxing for what I should be doing, but eh, what do I care?

On Friday night mrp and I headed out for my office xmas party. It was not on a boat like last year's (there's nothing like yachting on Lake Erie in December!) We had a cabaret dinner (complete with Cleveland's finast lounge singers. Nothing personal ladies, but lounge singers are bad enough. Add the geographic handicap and man, it's rough). I drank half a pineapple upsidedown cake "martini" with dinner (Since when are foofy chick drinks martinis? Just because you put high fructose corn syrup and a drop of alcohol in a martini glass does not make the "drink" a martini for pete's sake--oh, and while we're at it who is this pete guy, anyway? Sorry, I know that makes a bad "joke," but I really want to know!) It was gross. After dinner we moved on over to the comedy club portion of the party place to be entertained with some material our HR department would not find very workplace appropriate. I mean, I don't want to hear any reference to our 19 year old intern's sex life, thank you very much! Sure, some parts were painfully funny (e.g. one guy discussed what it must be like to work in the factory that makes bachelorette party penis props) but generally it was uncomfortable in the presence of my vice president.

I really thought this whole party would totally blow, especially sober. However, after the comedy a large group moved over to the hipster bowling alley down the block. Mrp was a child bowling prodigy. He did not get to show off those skills. Instead he demonstrated the benefits of growing up with a pool table in your basement. And I demonstrated the occasional good luck I have with a pool cue in my hands. We played pool with my vp and my boss until almost 2:00 AM! And I stayed up that late and I was sober! Insanity. But it sure was fun.

Did I mention I had half a drink the night before? Well, on Saturday morning we woke up late--maybe 10:00? I felt queasy and gross. I decided I just needed to eat. I made mrp and myself some toast. I ate it and felt grosser so I went back to bed. My cat joined me for some illicit on the bed snuggles (he's not allowed but I felt bad so I made an exception). Within 15 minutes I quickly wiggled the cat off me and ran to the bathroom and hurled up the toast along with the half a glass of water I drank. You know it's bad when you puke up toast. So, I proceeded to sleep until about 3:00 PM. And miraculously felt fine and inhaled two bowls of chicken soup and then a big bowl of peppermint stick ice cream. We even went out to another party that night and I was fine. Must have been the buffet?

Needless to say there was no running on Saturday. On Sunday I felt completely normal. Mrp had to stay at home to take care of something for his job. He couldn't leave the house until later in the afternoon so I said I'd wait to go to the park until he could leave too. Of course, the rain showers turned to snow and the wind started to blow. By the time we left the weather channel said it was snowing, 28 degrees with a 35 mph sustained wind, gusting to 55 mph! Awesome!! We drove the treacherous 1.5 miles to the park and were two of maybe 4 people there. We were going to run together but mrp wore shorts and couldn't bear to run slow enough for me to keep up. There was about 4 inches or so of snow on the ground and it was like running the club nationals course all over again. Plus the wind and the snow whipping me in the face. I just followed mrp's foot prints until I saw him turn around and then we headed back to the car for maybe 4 miles. We felt so hard core but then remembered we have actually done long runs in worse! Oh how wussy we have become!


Papa Louie said...

Wussy? At least you went out in that treacherous weather and ran. I had all good intentions to run in it but never made it.

Adeel Ahmad said...

I was watching Buffalo and Cleveland play in the Lake Erie Lake Effect Bowl on Sunday from Chicago, feeling a little jealous of everyone out there. I'm especially jealous of Mrp for wearing shorts.

I got snow whipped in my face to the point that I couldn't see on Saturday, but I'm sure you had it worse.

Joseph P. Wood said...

You snuggle with your cat? i always worry that my wife's cat will one day lean over me while I'm asleep and suck the breath out of me.

The Salty One said...

Haha. Joseph, that's an old wives tale and you know it. My cat is a cuddle machine and when he wants to cuddle he won't take no for an answer. It is just easier to succumb and have him latch his purring motor onto me then enforce the rules, much to mrp's dismay. And why are they always the Wife's cat?

Addeel--does it make you feel better that he had ice stuck all over his leg hairs when he got back to the car? Heh.

And Hi Papa Louie! Long time no see. Your blog isn't in my google reader anymore because you changed the name. I'm fixing it as we speak!

Joseph P. Wood said...

It's the wife's cat because she got that furball before I got there. I had a cat I got from a former student named Ike, god rest his furry little soul. He:

1. Weighed 26 lbs.
2. Let me vacuum him.
3. Loved sour cream.

Sniffle sniffle.