Friday, January 26, 2007

In the Clouds and Back on the Ground

I'm not sure why but lately I've been interested in tapping into and discovering more about my personal sense of taste and style. I don't mean I want to go buy a bunch of stuff or anything, I just want to understand it and tap into it to make my life more me-ish and happy. I want to express my self more in ways that I don't much now. I want to explore the world more and discover more about myself and the world too. Maybe I am having an existentialist moment. It's friday at 4:54 PM so perhaps I am not doing existentialism any favors with my inarticulateness, but yes, I do feel a little like striving harder to be me. And no, this is no reaction to anything in particular. I think it is just that now I have the luxury to not have to focus on some crisis or another and can devote a little extra energy to this. I don't think it's necessarily as frivilous and self-indulgent as it sounds (does it sound frivolous and self-indulgent? Am I being too self-consious?) I just want to get back on my potential realization train and my personal taste and style is something I need to contemplate right now. I want to understand it and how it relates to the world and how the world relates to it. I want to be me in all my me-ish glory!

Ok, back to earth, I am waiting for mrp to call to let me know what we're doing. A. going to the same old same old Chinese restaurant with friends; B. going to a different (and yummy!) Vietnemese restaurant alone; or C. perhaps going to the Vietnemese restaurant with friends. I honestly don't know which one I'd prefer. If I was just choosing a restaurant I definitely would go Vietnemese. As for company, I am 50/50. I'd like to spend the evening with mrp, but at the same time we are probably due for socialization and he doesn't get to see his friends much. I'll have him to myself tomorrow. I definitely hope it's B or C.

As for my foot (the plantar's fasciitis) I've been icing and stretching and it seems better. It's definitely not worse so that's good. My IT band has mostly behaved too since Tuesday. My butt was a little tight last night, but I think that was playing with the incline on the treadmill. Today was an off day (thank goodness-it would not have been fun as I am horribly crampy, bloated, and tired--ahhh that time of the month again).
Anyway, yeah, I don't know why but I want to get to know me a little better. Maybe it's because I know the struggling me so well and now I want to get to know this very happy contented me.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Wow. Not getting enough sleep really affects me. I only got 6.5 hours last night and I've been on the verge of crying twice today! It's particularly weird in that I am really happy and content lately. I am still now, but feel a little blah/blue today. It is definitely the sleep (and perhaps the time of the month rapidly approaching isn't helping). I will have to get 8 hours tonight no matter what. If I have to go to bed without making lunches or if I have to sleep in and drive myself to work tomorrow, I don't care. I need more sleep!

Monday, January 22, 2007


I am convinved that along with lingering politeus and IT band soreness I am now developing plantars fasciitis in my left foot. My heel has been sore every morning for about a week. It's got to be it. It's really not all that bad, but I am deathly afraid of it becoming nasty and chronic and plus I just don't want ANOTHER annoying ache and pain. I am starting the icing regimine tonight and I'm not getting out of bed before stretching my foot. I know it's probably caused by my tight calf. It is very tight around my achilles tendon. If stretching and icing doesn't clear it up in a week I may resort to sleeping with a night splint. I'm nipping this shiznit in the bud no matter how dorky it makes me.

Other than that, we had a nice weekend. We bought the mother of all home paper shredders. It was fun to go to big box office supply stores and raid their promo material to try out all the different kind of shredders. We also bought jet cleaner for our whirlpool bathtub. We went to one of those hottub stores. They are so hilarious. They have all this cheapo stuff that people buy to feel like they're living the "high life." You know, besides the hot tubs, they have pool tables, saunas, bar tables, old-time popcorn makers and even roulette wheels! My cheesy uncle has all that crap in his house (along w/ my aunt's qvc doll collection). I just don't understand the appeal of this stuff (except for maybe a pool table and a hot tub on a cold snowy winter night outside--that sounds rad--oh and I'd like my own pinball machine too). I guess I just don't understand what motivates most people, honestly. I must have an odd sense of taste and style or something. I'm sure the poker table types don't get me. It just seems like there are way more of them than me, especially where I come from and it makes me wonder why they are them and I am me--besides being innately fabulous.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogs Are for Bragging

Mrp says I brag on my blog. I said I'd like to get a GPS to track my running stats and he said that I'd just use it to post how awesome I am on my blog. YES, I have a minor problem with using quantitative data to prove my worth as a human being, but I don't see why tracking my running progress on my blog is necessarily bragging. My dear readers, you know better than anyone that along with gleefully recapping events I am proud of I often cop to doing foolish things, making mistakes, and generally messing up. Sigh. It's all about me around here because I write this thing about me. Anyway, I think he said that more as a joke knowing that I know and he knows my problem with quantitative data. It really was kind of funny but it also made me a little self-conscious. I don't want to be a bragger. But I do want to chronicle my life and my progress and set-backs along the way and I am going to continue doing it may way. Maybe that way is a little braggish, but what else can I do when I'm this fabulous? Seriously, I guess once you cop to having a bragging problem it's hard to talk about an achievement without it being seen as bragging. Or perhaps I don't know how to talk about things I am proud of in a way that doesn't sound like bragging. Something to think about.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Crisis Averted

Last night I did a tempoish workout of 4 x 1mile. I was worried I wouldn't be able to hit my targetted 6:50's but ended up easily coming in at 6:36; 6:40; 6:47; 6:37. I am feeling very happy about that--not because of the time, but really how easy those times felt. Last summer I did the same workout (albeit later in the training cycle) and barely eeked in under 7:10's. Oh, and I locked the keys in the truck--minor detail, heh. I thought poor mrp was going to blow a gasket. He really didn't want to go to ghetto beach park with me last night but I begged and pleaded and finally broke him down. So not only was he not all that stoked to be there in the first place, but he was locked out of his truck in blustery 30 degree weather in shorts! I remembered seeing a cop parked around the corner in a parking lot on our way in so I took off (running, naturally) to see if he was still there. Before I even got around a corner a cop pulled into the park. I waved him down and then he waved back and kept going. "No, moron! I am not saying hello!" I thought. Finally I got him to understand I wanted him to stop. I told him about our predicament and he explained that cops don't do that anymore (presumably because of us lawyers). He said he'd come over to the truck and call AAA for us. So I told him where the truck was and started my run back over to it. When I got there mrp was speaking with him and the cop handed him a screwdriver. Huh? Then I watched as mrp proceeded to unscrew his front license plate and voila! A back-up key. Boyscouts are so damn sexy! So we got in to the truck and fetched the normal everyday key--well, mrp did as I am no longer allowed to touch it. ever. Then poor shivering mrp and I proceeded to warm-up and the rest is a 4 x 1mile workout and a 12 mile easy run respectively in the books.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Playing Stupid

Imagine a whino having to cut-back on the sauce for a week. That's how I felt running just 4 measly miles on Monday and today. It goes by so fast. Geez, why bother. I know that it is good for me to ease up for a week, but it's boring. Ok, yeah, I got to run 10 miles yesterday and I'll do about the same tomorrow, but still. It's hard to cutdown on doing something you love to do. I think the effects are magnified because all my runs this week have been on the woodsway (treadmill). Tomorrow I'm going outside no matter what. My schedule says go to the track but the ice and snow on the ground says maybe this is the week to start the tempo runs. I have this sick desire to wake up tomorrow at 5 and get in 4 mile repeats doing laps around this little sidestreet loop by our house--actually it probably makes more sense to do them at night when it will be a few degrees warmer and I'll be more alert and don't have to rush. Or perhaps I'll do them at lunchtime. See what happens when I don't run enough--I have more time to obsess on my hands.

In other news I am rotting here in my office. I am going stir-crazy working on a brief. I need contact with other humans. Help me! Heh. I'm fine. It's just getting old.

Other than that I am just kind of brain dead from work so I have nothing insightful. Ok. Ok. I give. I guess my problem with the cutback week goes back to the whole all or nothing having to achieve all the time thing. I pride myself on the hardwork I put into running. I pride myself on the AMOUNT of miles I log and on the SPEED of my hard workouts. See, cutting back on running takes away from that sense of accomplishment to the crack addict in me addicted to quantitative bragging points. I need to accept that sometimes to be better and to be healthier and happier in the long run we all need to take it down a notch and it's not wussy or lazy. It's smart.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tales of an Overzealous Slimeball

I feel like a slug. I only ran 4.5 miles today. It's in the plan and good considering my IT Band is out to get me but still. I hate feeling like a wuss. But it's necessary wussiness and part of the master plan for tough-girl salty one so that's what I have to do. Fine.

Oh, and I think way too much about running. I don't think about it as much when my legs feel happy. It's when I get a little ouchy that things start getting a little OCD. I start analyzing everything to find the souce of the ouchiness. I'm thinking this time it might be shoe related. But it's probably a combo of surfaces, shoes, getting over an injury in the other leg, running too many weeks of volume when I was supposed to be taking it easy, increasing intensity and general overzealousness.

Yesterday mrp made the interesting observation that with running I am organized, precise, and anal-retentive. I am organized, precise, and anal-retentive in absolutely no other area in my life. Running has helped me get a little less unorganized, sloppy, and careless in other areas of my life but that's it. I suppose I was pretty on top of things in law school, but it was definitely different. There's something about me and quantifiable activities. I always knew what my gpa was to the thousandth and what I needed to get in any given semester to achieve the gpa I wanted. Hmmm.

Somewhere I developed the belief that I am only valuable as a person to the extent I make quantifiable achievements--grades, awards, fast races, etc. I have to work hard to debunk this belief and replace it with the belief that I am a good person because I am me. I don't need awards or stuff to be good. It takes a load off to not have to come up with new achievements all the time. I can do what I want to do and if there's some award or some braggable outcome great, but if not so what? That's not to say I am now going to be lazy and seek to not achieve--no, it just means the achievement itself is not the main focus for my decision-making. It means that if I don't quite meet the standard I've determined is what I need to be good that I'm not a bad person. I'll still strive and work hard, don't you worry!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey y'all. It's my hundreth post. Woohoo!! Unfortunately all I have to say today is that I've been an unproductive slug all day. I need at least 7 hrs of sleep or else I'm worthless.

I also spent much of the day bugging about my house because the good tenants (not King Asshole/Mr. Important) hadn't yet paid their rent. They take care of my house and I really can't afford to either not have the cash nor have another pain in my ass caused by this house. Although, I was talking to one of my coworkers about it and he knows someone who hired a management company to run his house and he doesn't have to worry about it other than sitting back and collecting the cash (less a fee of course). I'm thinking this is something I need to look into while the market blows and I can't unload the headache.

Hmm. What else. I'm really feeling so much happier these days. I swear it has oodles to do with me settling into a nice stable homelife with my mrp. Having someone loving and wonderful to come home to and to cuddle and who listens and understands and is so darn cute is simply priceless. It is the outlet into which I may plug myself to recharge and be ready for all the great opportunities in the day and all the crap that it might rain down on me too. God, I love that man.

Anyway, I need to wrap it up here. I have no business wasting the company's electricity while I do nothing productive. Plus, I just need to get the heck out of this place and get on with the weekend!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hard Work and Good Times

Work is busy, y'all. I had to be a hard-ass and announce to the world that I could get this memo updated in two days when I really could use about four days to get it done. I've been cranking on it all yesterday and all today so I should have it finished on time, but still. Why do I do these things to myself. Shall I answer my own rhetorical question? Sure, why not. 'Cause it's fun.

In other news I relieved the stress I caused myself by heading to the track at lunch. I did 5 x 200/200/400. Now, all you nonrunners should remember this from last week's lesson. I had the same target times (44 seconds for the 200's and 88 for the 400's). Well, guess what. It was windier this week than last. I still managed to do pretty well except for one abysmal 400:

43, 43, 89

43, 43, 89

44, 44, 92! (wtf?!)

44, 44, 89

43, 43, 89

Other than mutant 400 I was pretty darn consistent, eh? Again I made it so the last 100 meters of the 400s was straight into the wind. I'm not sure what happened in that third 400. It was really windy during that one--maybe I got blown around or maybe I was tired and lost focus. Honestly I have no idea. I do know my first 1/2 of that 400 was 1-2 seconds slower than the others (45 seconds) and there was no way I was going to make up time on the last 1/2 with the wind in my face so perhaps it was shot from the getgo.

Anyway, it's not even all that bad, but it is weird in light of the consistency of the rest of the workout. Oh well. Otherwise, I felt really strong. My right IT band has been acting up again but it wasn't too bad today. I'm kind of getting used to always running with some niggling injury or another. I keep thinking that I'm going to take a break from marathon training after Boston. It's an idea that makes me happy right now. I love training but I love other stuff too. It doesn't mean I won't run, it just means I can run when and how I want rather than forcing myself into breaking my body down which is what the point of marathon training is--sick and twisted, I know. I love those free range weeks in between training cycles where I can just pop in and run a 5 mile race if I feel like it or skip a day or run my usual 6 miler fast just for fun rather than plodding through it at recovery snail's pace. At the same time, I love the hard work of training and I love pushing myself beyond what I think I can do. I love improving and I love wearing myself out. So I'm cool with training now, but I'm happy about the inevitable post-Boston break too.

As for my tenants, I guess things went well. King asshole got a new throne--or toilette I should say. What a douche. My step-dad/handyman even thought he was a prick. Anyway, I need to get back to the grind here to meet my self-imposed absurd deadline. Why do I get myself into this stuff again?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Accidental Resolution

Normally, when I go to the gym during my lunch hour I keep to myself. I run by myself and then I go stretch by myself and then change and shower by myself (I doubt the powers that be would prefer me to do otherwise--heh) all the while actively avoiding interaction with all but a very few people--mrp, of course being the most notable exception. Well, the other day I was stretching and I took the opportunity to look around the gym. I noticed many new faces of course and I also noticed a lot of the same old faces. Even though it's such a cliche to start working out after new year's I couldn't help feeling glad that so many had taken the opportunity to get off their mushy duffs even if it's only for a week or two. And then I realized that I was missing an opportunity to get to know all these people. I could be using those 15 minutes of stretch time to make friends, offer advice and share stories about running. I could even spin all that niceness into an attempt to network to justify longer workouts--heh. Anyway, so that's how I came up with my resolution to be nicer.

Why are new year's resolutioners so annoying anyway? Haven't most ambitious people resolved at some point to aim for a goal. Maybe it wasn't on New Year's day, but what's the diff? I suppose it's the whole herd mentality. I sound like a angsty teenager, but I hate that sort of falseness that comes with doing whateveryone else is doing. If New Year's resolutions were all about real assertions of will to maximize one's potential I think it's a great thing. On the other hand if it's about doing what your supposed to do because that's just what people do then it's dumb. Wow. Deep.

Sorry. Not much going on today other than work and annoying co-workers who forgot the whole "co" part of the equation who love every chance they can get to make you look bad. Lame. And then I have no idea how the repair job went over at King Asshole tenant's place today. But I really don't care because mrp and I are having margaritas tonight. Ole!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

He Showed Me

My tenant is being such a douche. Remember the great dog debacle of 2006? Well, apparently since the big bad landlady was the idiot who violated the lease and took on the responsibility of a huge dog when she wasn't ready the tenant now sees fit to bring forth a litany of complaints about my house. Fortunately for me, that litany is the weakest litany I have ever seen:

Dear Mean Dog-hating Landlady,

First, our toilette does not flush properly. Often times it takes numerous attempts at flushing for complete success. Most embarrassing when you have guests.

Second, in the guest bedroom, you (or someone) attempted to repair two of the floorboards. Well, the repair job stinks. The boards are now recessing as are the surrounding ones. Again, rather embarrassing when you have overnight guests.

Lastly, the kitchen sink has a leak. Are we to repair this or will you dispatch a professional?

Mr. Important

He judged me! He judged me! He said my gorilla glue floor repair job stinks. I am devastated!!! And I can only imagine how embarrassing that might be--especially when one has overnight guests.

I promptly called my step-dad who is conveniently laid off and doing odd-jobs with his plumber brother around town. I advised my tenant that they will be there:

Dear Mr. Important,

I spoke with my handyman last night and he and his partner will be coming by tomorrow morning. You do not need to be there when they arrive.

Mean Dog-hating Landlady

Well, generic utilitarian e-mails be damned! Mr. Important would dig deep and find a way to show me!

Dear Mean Dog-hating Landlady,

Thank you for the update. And yes I will be here as I do not let anyone in the house without my permission.

Mr. Important

Sounds like he'll be at the door waiting with a gun all unibomber or something. I can't wait until I have to be there for some reason and he decides to deny my lawful right of entry into my property. That will be grand! This is what I got myself into to make a buck.

What else. Oh, yes. Yesterday was my first track workout of my Boston training cycle. I am so proud of myself! I ran 4 x 200/200/400 (which translates to 200 meters hard followed by 200 meters easy followed by 200 meters hard followed by 200 meters easy followed by 400 meters hard followed by 400 meters easy and repeat four times. For those of you still scratching your heads, 200 meters is half the distance of the track and 400 meters is a complete loop of a standard track). I ran these at a pace almost 1 minute per mile faster than I ran this workout in March and even July. I feel so improved and proud of myself! I had to promptly go to my chiropractor afterwards though to realign my hips, but I'm getting faster, y'all!

Anyway, work is hectic so I actually have to hop to it. Don't worry. It'll get boring and I'll be back soon.

PS "toilette" hehehehe

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Poor Almond Snicker's Bar

I am indulging in an afternoon coffee. Bad, I know. However, I am still very tired from New Years. We went to my boss's house for a party and he surreptitiously kept filling my wine glass. This caused me to a) drink too much and b) become immobilized and powerless to leave for fear of interrupting the story-telling park ranger party guest's stories until 3:30 AM! During the car ride home I found a snickers bar and proceeded to inhale it before passing out and snoring the rest of the ride home. Once home I was about as useful getting myself inside as maybe a brick or perhaps a toaster or any other inanimate object that might come to mind. I recall laying on the living room floor as mrp pleaded with me to roll over so he could take my other precious earring out of my ear. Fast forward a half hour or so and after mrp undressed me from my party clothes and redressed me in an old t-shirt and parked me next to a little garbage can I hurled that snickers bar right on target. Mrp came back in to fetch my offering and I said before passing out again, "Hey does that bag have a hole in it? I think I saw a hole." The next morning mrp relayed his story of having to hose out the garbage can because of the hole in the bag lining it. Poor drunk girl babysitting mrp! Anyway, Monday was a fun day of 4 hours of sleep and being painfully hung over. I needed to run since I ran a hard 18 miles before the party on Sunday, but the terrential downpour and wooziness pretty much made me really happy I included a day off in my schedule. A little shuffling and I could rest my pounding head and still be a good marathoner girl! That was my new year's in a nutshell. I hope 2007 is as mrpily delicious as 2006!