Monday, January 21, 2008

Running the Run

OMG, y'all! Two weeks in a row of 40+ miles! (a little tribute to Go Fug Yourself's posts about Britney Spears. I generally don't like mocking the mentally ill, but this situation is so bizarre and disturbing that I appreciate a little light-hearted and witty commentary about the pathetic situation).

And in a fitting twist on my last post I am sitting here in my office buying some time waiting for the temperature outside to eek up a couple of degrees before heading out. In my defense it's 16 out there and today we're supposed to have a high of 24, so if I can even get up to 18 I'll be a little happier.

Also in my defense, I ran outside for all of my runs last week and two of those were in blizzards and one was in a -15 degree windchill (the shortest run of the week, but I still got out there!) And I even did a "long" run this week (10 miles-sad state when that's a long run, I know) and came home and whipped up and ate a delicious stack of hot off the griddle multi-grain pancakes with warm maple syrup and lots of butter with mrp as we watched the birds flock to our feeder and play in the snow. Mmmm. Really, I don't think there's much better than that!

Even so, I sit here dreading the 16 degrees and wondering how the heck I'm going to get out there again for all my runs this week. I guess that's why AA tells it's members to take it one day at a time. Taking it easy, I'm not sure I'm capable of, but one day at a time I think I can handle. So, I can get out there for 55 minutes or whatever and come in to my pb&j and a hot hot shower, but not in that order.

Since it's monday (no other reason) here's what I did last week:

I only ran with my watch twice this week and doing so was a nice change of pace. I just ran and enjoyed myself.

Mo: 7 miles around the Cleveland flats--no watch

Tu: 6 miles again around the flats with Daisy in a full-on blizzard--no watch

We: 7 miles including a 20 minute warm-up and then 8 x 2:00 pick-ups at CV effort with 1:00 recoveries. I wore the watch for this, obviously. I felt pretty good. Before my break I was doing 10 of these and 8 felt just right for now.

Th: Off. I had a lunch date and there was no way I was going to ruin the tone of the week with the treadmill.

Fr: 8 miles (7:58 pace). What a nice run this was. I had a doctor's appointment so I had a little extra time in the morining. I ran from my house and squeezed every last second of running I could spare. It's been a while since I felt so good to be running.

Sa: 10 miles with no watch. I just ran a really hilly 6 miles out to a park by our house and then the shorter 4 mile route home. I saw our resident bald eagle twice and had my second day of enjoyable relaxing running around our hood.

Su: 4.25 miles easy in a blizzard and cold temps on slushy streets. The roads would have been worse except the new mayor of our city lives around the corner from us. Of course, the other day as I was running by I saw him turn out of his street speeding in his giant SUV and talking on his cell phone, so the perks are limited.

Total: 42.25 wintery miles.

Ok, I'm going now. Geesh!


Joseph P. Wood said...

Not only should you post your mileage, you should post the number of pancakes which consumed during the meal.

FWIW, you're putting in some terrific downtime work; mark my words: once you crank things up (whenever you choose to), you'll have some good, easy weeks underneath you. Good work.

Jim said...

16 degrees is definitely no fun. For inspiration, just think how the Packers and Giants felt on Sunday. Minus 24 wind chill? That's beyond insane.I was in Vermont this weekend and cross country skied in 5 degree temps. I get chills just thinking about it. But you know what? It always feels a little bit more rewarding knowing that you ignored the thermometer and went for it anyway.