Friday, February 15, 2008

This and That and Gross Bananas

I am really hungry right now. I finished my bagel and cream cheese, my everyday breakfast, and normally I would move on an hour or so later and eat a banana. I have a banana here but I cannot bring myself to crack it open. You see, I am weirdly picky about my fruit. For bananas I like them perfectly shaped and barely ripe--like still half green. The banana I have here before me looks bloated and has leopard spots and I keep imagining the mealy overly-sweet mush that awaits my mouth if I go for it. I just can't do it. That leaves the candy dish on the secretary's desk.

Speaking of work, I should tell you that I haven't heard a thing about that job. I confirmed with them that they received my materials about a week after I sent them and then a couple of days later the employer's 1.8 billion dollar budget shortfall hit the news. Hiring freeze. So, that's out for now. And that's fine. Although it really would be the coolest job, we just can't relocate now and I really can't take the dramatic pay cut. Sadly, like my sister, I am not one of those people who can pick and choose what job I take with no care about money. I wish. So for now, I will continue working for the man (and not working for the man apparently).

In other news I seem to have developed a low grade cold. It's very strange. It's not like a normal cold--it's like 1 part cold 10 parts water or something. It's not helping my quest to eat that banana. I will not bring myself to stop at the store midweek to buy fresh bananas so I have bananas that I will actually eat later in the week. Instead I bring the brown banana thinking that today is the day I'll quit being a picky wuss and will actually eat it. Hasn't happened yet.

And on Wednsday I had some early afternoon meetings so I figured it was a good day to take my day off from running this week. I did have about 45 minutes to spare so I thought what would make a better day for doing those strengthening exercises I have been neglecting for the past couple of months. So, I went on down and kicked my own butt with Tinman's* calisthenics. He gave me a routine a while back consisting of doing 80% of max each of abs, push-ups, stair calf-raises and single-legged squats. I felt super when I finished, like I had worked really hard in a really good way. Yeah! But yesterday came and OUCH! My triceps, my back, my butt, and my quads are so sore! They haven't been this sore since I first started the routine, which makes sense since I have been spotty at best about my strengthening since the marathon. I suppose I'd be wise to do the whole easing back in thing. Note taken. But at the same time, if I keep this up I will be one tough cookie! Mmmm. cookies.

*Speaking of Tinman, Meghan asked me a while back who Tinman is. Tinman is my sometimes coach. He's actually looking to coach a few more runners now so if anyone is looking for coaching let me know or you can find him here.


Tom said...

Salty - thought of you when I saw this.

Medical consensus on cramps? There is not medical consensus on cramps.

And you eat half green bananas? No! No! They are not ripe until they are yellow and have some spots!

GP said...

I'm a semi-greenish 'nanner eater too! The best situation: find someone at work who likes ripe bananas and start a banana exchange. At my last job, my friend liked almost brown bananas, so we'd bring in our produce and swap.

I think the only good thing yellow (or beyond) bananas are good for is banana bread and the garbage. Yick!

Have a great race! Brunch at the WSM sounds dee-lish. Maybe that's what I should do instead... all the best!

Meghan said...

Is that actually a picture of the banana that you're pondering consumption of? Please tell me it isn't because there's nothing that banana from the picture should be doing except adding itself to the composting pile! :)

Thanks for revealing who Tinman is, I'll have to go read about him. I have a very lovely coach myself, but I'm still interested in learning about this guy that's bringing good results to lots of bloggers.

So, also, thanks also for the nice comments on my blog recently. I appreciate your kindness and wisdom!


Miss Adventurous said...

mPick and choose?? PICK AND CHOOSE??

And meanwhile, here I am, frantic as hell that I'm not working this week. Oh well, I guess I won't pay my rent this month. I know you didn't mean that really...

Ironically, the soles of my shoes wore out today too. Talk about kicking me when I'm down...