Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To Race or Not to Race? That is the Question.

So busy today, which was not made better by accidentally flushing my employee badge and office key down the toilet. Long story. But, dear readers, I post because I need your help. There is a 5k I can run on Saturday but I'm really on the fence about it.


- It's supposed to be really cold (like 12 degrees)

- It's downtown and I'm sick of running downtown

- It's downtown and by the weekend I'm sick of driving downtown

- My lower back has been nagging me a bit the past couple of weeks and I'm worried racing on a possible slippery road might make it worse

- I am worried if I don't run well it will demotivate me to keep on chugging through the winter

- I'm just not sure I'm feeling 5k race ready--I haven't done any timed workouts in some time other than the little bit of the 4 mile race I raced.


- It's a race, so it's a fun way to get a good workout in

- It could be a good barometer for my current fitness level (although also a con, maybe)

- The course is decent

- It could improve my confidence in my fitness level

- It's an excuse to get brunch at our favorite downtown restaurant and then head to the Westside Market afterwards.

- I won this race last year so I could go and defend my title and win another ridiculous trophy

I don't know. I think it bugs me that I have no idea what kind of expectations to have about the race. I almost always have a sense about what I should be able to run and right now I don't. I guess it just boils down to being worried that I'll run it disappointingly slow.

Anyway, what would you guys do if you were me?


Papa Louie said...

Salty, Salty,
Why fret over something you love? Just go and race. If you have no expectations then find another reason to race, like: it's fun, use it to plan your training schedule for an up coming race, or turn all cons into positive motivational pros.

I'll be there to race for these very reasons. So I hope to see you there.

TrainingtoTri said...

I'm doing it b/c I already paid to do. But If I hadn't already signed up, I'd be skipping it b/c it has been sooo cold!

But then again if I was the type who could win a race, you probably couldn't keep me away from any 5K!

Joseph P. Wood said...


If you're the kind of person who does training runs in the cold, you're the kind of person who can race in the cold--particularly a 5k.

Now, if there's a genuine injury, then no don't do it. But if it's just an ache, fuck dude, go for it. It might no be a PR effort and you might not be in PR shape. But you're not training right now to *be* in PR shape.

The occassional race while you're maintaining fitness keeps you motivated, continues to provide social opportunities (hard to do during the week), and most of all, is simply fun.

We all want to toe the line and PR. Sometimes it happens, but a lot of times not. If you have a PR effort, terffic for you. But don't back away you're not in peak shape.

TrainingtoTri said...

Hey Salty - if you get a chance can you shoot me an email at, I have some a question about a previous post.

Tom said...

I would not pass up any opportunity to possibly defend your title.

Besides, look at the Patriots, by the time you've won it 3 times, everyone will hate you!

Miss Adventurous said...

Oh sissy, what do you keep telling me? Not good, not bad, just is.

It's the same. Not pro, not con, just race. You like doing it, and maybe even bring home another marble bowl of plastic chili, which is easily the most attractive piece of non-photograph art that is currently on display in your home. (:

From what you said on the phone I think you already decided to race. That's very good. Go. Race. Brunch. I'll be running and then brunching too...I'll think of you when I'm sloshing through Prospect Park!

Arcane said...

I say race. Previous champion must always defend their title.

GP said...

My advice: check the ice (and estimate with subsequent weather patterns) on your way out on Friday evening. If it's not icy downtown, I say go for it.

You'll have a great race and shouldn't lose your motivation either way. Even if you don't race the race you want to race (follow that?)... not that you would... that's just motivation to kick the next one.

The only reason not to race is if you've only run about 20 miles this year and get most of your exercise during three daily hours commuting. I'm sorry... that's my reason :-)

EVIE5000 said...

It's going to be boring reading your log with no race....just kidding. Better to "race" now in Feb when no one really expects much, then wait until a race that may mean something to you. I planned on it, but got sick, so had to ditch the idea. Think of it as a training run among many friends :)

Jim said...

You know you'll regret not devending your title if you don'trace. Just let your back make the call for you the day before. Good Luck if you Do race!

Lloyd said...

Hi Salty.

Another reason: to pull me along!

I'll be out there too and using the race as a early season fitness indicator to determine VDOT training paces for the next few weeks.

Hope to chase you.