Friday, March 28, 2008

Blogger's Block

* I'm experiencing blogger's block. Is it because I have nothing to say? Is it because I'm not running very much so my brain is atrophying as much as the rest of me?

I do want to wish that all my injured friends get well. Joseph and his poor tortured sesamoid (by the way I believe you're going to do well tomorrow!). Joe Positive and her hip. Mainers and his seemingly healed calf and now cold. Meghan and her pain in the butt. Evie and her stubborn foot.

Hmmm. What else? I did read the NY Times article on endorphins. All I can say is, duh. I could have told them that and they could have saved the money and the resources they spent on the study. There was nothing like the feeling I got last summer finishing up those 20ish mile wave workouts on the towpath. It would be hot and I'd be covered in sweat, so much so that I could wring it out of my shorts. I remember jogging to my car after I was finished and fishing around in my workout bag looking for the jug of fruit punch flavored endurox I lovingly prepared for myself, complete with lots of ice so it would still be nice and frosty when I drank it. I would get through the last couple of miles of that workout just thinking about that jug! Mmm. And in no other context does that stuff taste good. But when the sun was beating down and I was dehydrated and flooded with those endorphins it tasted damn good! See, running does make you high. I miss the towpath. And I miss endorphins. I might even miss endurox.

Yikes. To overcome my running blogger's block I've stooped to reminiscing. I mean, who wants to know about my 3.5 mile no watch run around downtown Cleveland? It was nice, but nothing to write in a blog about. So you'll have to settle for my reminiscing.

* This is so bad I can't even find a good picture! So, today in honor of my sister's cats' preparation for their great voyage, enjoy this cat, who incidentally looks strikingly like Fortunato, in a sleeve.


keith said...

and all this time i've just been racing myself back to my car on long runs so i can have lukewarm endurox.

endurox that's been sitting in your car getting hot is about the worst taste i've ever endured.

your ice trick is so logical. god i'm dum.

Mindi said...

That is very funny b/c yesterday as I was running I was reminiscing about long runs in the heat followed by some frothy endurox. I miss it too. Not the heat so much, but those long runs are awesome....

Meghan said...

Thanks for the healing juju.

No worries on the Blogger's Block. And, who cares if you're reminiscing? It's all new to us!


PS. The cat is a little bit creepy, methinks!