Monday, April 21, 2008

Mac and Cheese and Me

I am having myself a fine time passing this nausea-filled day away tracking all my friends running Boston. I am so jealous that the weather is picture perfect today, although I knew it would be since I wasn't running it. (In case you haven't heard, Murphy's laws only apply to me.)

Anyway, yesterday watching the trials and today tracking Boston runners, I almost forgot that I can't run like that right now. Actually, I am more comfortable in my pregnant body lately, generally. I am not worried I will mess up the baby every time I eat something or run a step. I am getting more confident, I guess you could say. I wish I could find something to eat that was remotely satisfying, though. That would be a huge breakthrough! Today I had mac and cheese from Trader Joe's. I can't remember the last time I ate 760 calories consisting of so much fat and emptiness, but it's all I could stomach. You'd think o.j. would be appealing with all it's sweetness and vitamins, but actually it's the one thing that consistently makes me want to hurl. Yet, I keep drinking it! Gah! So, today after almost losing my entire breakfast after thinking I could sneak in some o.j. if I mixed it with seltzer, I gave in and ate mac and cheese for lunch. Hopefully, once this morning (misnomer!) sickness subsides in a few weeks I'll be back to my old healthy (well, healthier) eating habits.

I'm getting worried about E. She should have hit the 35k split by now!

Anyway, there's really not much to report around these parts. I've been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather we've had, getting in a few miles here and there on my favorite local trails. I have managed to get my pace back down closer to 9:00, which makes running a heck of a lot more pleasant. I just have to be cognizant that my heartrate isn't going bananas.

Ok, there she is. Still on track for a 5:00 pr. Now pick it up like we said! You can still break 3:20!!! Ooo. And there's ET heading for a huge 17+ minute PR! Go ET!

It's crazy that I'm sitting on my (fat for me) ass, eating mac and cheese, while all those people are huffing through Newton as we speak. I wonder if that will ever be me again?


GP said...

Well, OJ and mac-and-cheese kind of have the same color, which in the natural world would mean they have many of the same vitamins. But I'm thinking that with mac-and-cheese cheese, it's probably not the case.

But at least it's from Trader Joe's. I don't know what that means re: nutrition, but at least there's a chance that whatever is in that M&C is more natural than other brands.

Is it obvious I know nothing about gestational nutrition? You can probably hear my palms sweating just typing about it.

But I'm glad to know Murphy's law only applies to you. Now I should have nothing to worry about.

And I hope you're enjoying watching the Boston race online, as much as we enjoyed cheering you on last year!

Joseph P. Wood said...

I really am not a fan of the mac and cheese. But then again, I'm not pregnant. And wait to the second trimester hits: my wife wanted radishes and every bitter thing under the sun...

Of course you'll get back to it soon enough. Of course...and the reward of the little human blob--well, to my mind, that blows running away--usually.

Mindi said...

Ha. Murphy's law applies to me too. Although to be the Devil's advocate, we had some nice training conditions last year, crap race day. THis year, training was impossible to feel confident in, but picture perfect race conditions. I tip my hat to everyone that ran Boston today - especially those who trained in the upper Midwest!

Glad to hear you are finding your foods. You will never forget it. For my first baby, I HAD to have soft serve frozen ice cream every day. Especially later in the pregnancy, the baby would perk right up and start kicking me lick crazy after it. Baby #2 - Taco Bell. Gross, I know. I never liked taco bell other than those 4 months (it was an early pregnancy thing - then I switched to chocolate chip cookie dough). That child is still the spiciest and sweetest thing I have ever come across. :) ENJOY!

TrainingtoTri said...

mmmm mac and cheese.

So should they change it to Salty's law?

E-Speed said...

Thanks Girl. Trust me I thought of you while I was mashing my quads into smithereens after the hills. Apparently you just never know what you are going to get on the day. I thought for sure my quads would be good at least through 18 this year. Oh well, almost 5 min PR and on a tough course, can't complain about that.

Hope the appointment went well today! I know I will be up for some SLOW trail runs the next few weeks!

DaisyDuc said...

Oh poor thing with all your nausea-filled days!!!

Can't wait to get in some nice recovery runs with ya...seems like I haven't seen ya in forever! Glad to hear you are feeling more comfy in your skin!