Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's Saturday, 1:51 PM. I'm sitting in my kitchen in my flannel pj's and my fuzzy pink bath robe. I think I finally made it out of bed around 12:30 only to find myself yet again wondering what the hell I can eat that won't make me feel like hurling. They say morning (misnomer!) sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy and that's the only thing that brings me solace as I sit here watching my former up and at 'em lifestyle pass before my eyes.

Now, don't for a second think that I am anything other than elated and overwhelmingly stoked to be able to write from a pregnant chick's perspective! That goes for mrp too. I'm not just saying this is one of those epically awesome times in our life. Feeling sea sick 24 hours a day in the name of creating a hybrid of mrp and salty is rad! My point here is just that pregnancy is anything but glamorous, at least at this stage anyway. This is true with running as well.

It was a Thursday, the 20th of March actually. I met a now former teammate, ET (not the alien!) for a run up at the park by my house. We met at club nationals and although she now lives 2 hours away, her parents live very close to me so we made it a point to get together when she was in town. She wanted to run 7, I said I was game for 6. Off we went. We could have only been running 8:00 pace but I noticed immediately I was sucking wind. Not sucking wind like I was out of shape though (not that that wasn't true), but in a way I never experienced before. It wasn't a big deal except it made it hard for me to talk. I managed of course and we had a nice time. But I knew something was up.

When my period was late a couple of days later I started to get the itch to peek inside and see what was going on so after a omnicient coin toss, I peed on the stick and sure enough, two pink lines: a fitting discovery for an Easter morning.

The next day two of my running buddies from work invited me out at lunch. I figured I'd be all right since we usually run high 7's, low 8's. I just wouldn't talk much. Well, what a difference a few days made! I was left in the dust within 2 miles. I claimed illness and headed back to my office realizing this pregnancy thing was some powerful stuff! I realize this more and more every day as I plod through my 10:40 paced runs now. Running that slow is not as bad as I would have thought. I'm hoping once my hormones even out and I make it into the 2nd trimester that I can get the pace under 10:00, but if I can't, so what.

And on another running related note, I just wanted to tell all my serious running friends that I really don't think it's a coincidence that within one week of knocking my mileage down to < 30 that I got pregnant. Someone told me that until your body is convinced you can make the sacrifices necessary to be a good parent that it won't let you become a parent. I know there are thousands of counter-examples, but for me I believe this to be true. Thanks everyone for your kind support! It means so much to me. And if you want, I'm taking suggestions for blog-names for "Peanut," because Peanut, whether or not supplemented with Grover and Cleveland is just not going to cut it.


Mindi said...

I hate to break it to you, but there is no point of pregnancy that is glamorous. In fact, it is one of those phenomenons that gets more unglamorous by the day. But, it is also amazing at the same time, so you don't notice the lack of glamour too much (at least I didn't). I have heard peppermint can be awesome at curbing the morning sickness. I was fortunate enough to have escaped it for the most part.

Congrats again, and enjoy those 10 minute miles.

Adeel said...

What about the part where you've gained 50 lbs and are watching Maury Povitch while dipping pickles in ice cream? That sounds pretty glamourous.

Miss Adventurous said...

I like peanut! Peanuts are salty... And kind of mrpy, in a way.

Maybe you could call it Miss A's Favorite Thing Ever In The Whole Wide World? Naah, too long. (:

Miss Adventurous said...

Adeel, she does that anyway, just not the 50 lbs. part (for now).

Joseph P. Wood said...

I'm somewhat drunk, but the photo made me laugh my ass's to your little Linoleum Lizard, the Grand Little Shitter...

Chelle said...

A friend of mine called hers "demon spawn". I told her she had to stop once the child started to understand English.

Here's a tidbit for you from my (work) website.

Miss Adventurous said...

Ooh ooh ooh! Can we call it "The Mrplet?"

kenyarunb said...

I am so excited that you and Mr. P have a "hybrid" on the way :)

By the way, both of my sisters had a much easier time exercising in their second trimesters (after their hormones calmed down a bit). I am guessing you will crack 10:00 in a few weeks ;)

Mindi said...

Just don't start watching "A Baby Story" on TLC. I got hooked on it. It made me cry every time a baby was born. Didn't matter the scenario, I cried a deep, sincere cry every time. HAHAHA. Pregnancy is one crazy thing. I also got hooked on ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum. Good stuff.

Joseph - what?!?!

Meghan said...

I can't tell if my comment went through, or not.

How about The Salty Mrplet?

Pukies: GO AWAY!

Salty, I hope you feel mo' betta' soon!