Monday, May 05, 2008

Ok God. I Get It.

Now I'm sick. Yuck. I have a horrid head cold. It started on Saturday afternoon. I laid down for a few minutes while I waited for my mom to drop something off. I figured I'd get up when she got here. Well, I knew something was up when I heard her talking to mrp in the kitchen but was unable to get up. When I finally woke up 2 hours later I had a wicked sore throat. But I still wanted to go to a party we were invited to at one of my favorite restaurants. So I went out and bought a present for the guest of honor, came home and got ready and then just sat on the couch defeated. Nope. All the denial in the world wasn't going to help me. I was sick. No party for me. Instead mrp and I went to the Wendy's drive thru for dinner. Although I really like baked potatoes they're no substitute for Brazilian food. Wa.

And now I'm sitting in my kitchen breathing out of my mouth and wearing my fuzzy pink bath robe. It's a beautiful day outside. My wonderful cousin from Slovenia is over at my grandparents' house probably bored to tears and here I am. A useless blob, again. Oh well. If I learned anything the last few days is to appreciate the little things like healthy peanuts and mrps and mes. As long as I have those the rest isn't so bad. And sometimes, life demands we slow down and take care of ourselves. I got that message loud and clear. I'm heading back to the couch now!

Thanks everyone for your wonderfully supportive comments about the accident. It really was petrifying and I needed them all, believe me!


Meghan said...

I am glad to hear that you and the peanut are alright from the crash. Yikes and how very frightening.

And, ug, on the cold/illness/kiss of death. Take care of yourself and let mrp help you! ;)

By the way, it just occurred to me that you're going to be really big bellied when I come to OH in August, aren't you?


DaisyDuc said...

Aghhh, you poor thing! Rest up!

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh no! So sorry you are sick. Feel better soon.

Joseph P. Wood said...

OJ girl...lots of OJ, and I don't mean Simpson.

Mindi said...

Oh man, that is awful. I am sorry to hear it. What a go you've had lately. Rest up!

Chelle said...

But most importantly, were you well enough to go hear that heartbeat??