Friday, May 30, 2008

Peanut Odds and Ends

* Peanut is more than a third of the way through her (his?) stay in the peanut shell. We've reached the second trimester! And just like it was supposed to happen, a few days after we reached the 13 week mark I started to feel MUCH better. The constant nausea abated and I could go on 8 hours sleep for an entire day and not feel like dying by 8:00PM! It was glorious!

So, of course I milked it! I ran 36 miles last week. I ran a race (and came in 8th in my age group out of 82 despite the 8:14 average pace, which is crazy to me!) I did chores I haven't done in weeks. I did yard work, even! By Sunday night, though, I was pooped. Peanut let's me have it when I over do it, that's for sure. The nausea comes back. I get cranky and tired. It stinks. I am learning about happy mediums. I'll get there!

In other good news, I am not afraid to run any more (obviously?). I feel great out there most days now. I can easily go 6 miles at a time and even run under 9:00 pace very comfortably. I have a nice round pregnant belly, but it's not so big that it impacts my running really in any way. It's nice! And I haven't gotten any scolding or anything while I'm out there yet. I'm sure I'll hear from someone how I am ruining my child's life because I'm not sitting on my ass eating bon bons and watching soap operas all day. Although, on Monday mrp and I caught Days of Our Lives while were eating lunch and it was gloriously fun to watch. Oh to have a tivo. Maybe after Peanut's born I can get a dvr and watch Days of Our Lives while I run on the treadmill in the basement. I guess we need to get a treadmill too.

Oh, and about a week and a half ago mrp and I saw peanut on the ultrasound again. But this time peanut has a little face with a button nose and a cute little chin and the sweetest tiniest buddha belly we've ever seen. And the real kicker, is that peanut is one hell of a kicker! Peanut was doing dolphin kicks seemingly to scoot away from the ultrasound. And peanut was punching his/her little fists too. I don't think peanut digs the ultrasound. Feisty little guy (girl?)

* And Stefano says, "Cheers to feisty peanut!"


AddictedToEndorphins said...

Ohh so cute!:-) Glad you're starting to feel better and that life is starting to get back to normal! Enjoy it:) and you're not ruining his life. I've heard somewhere (don't quote me on it) that active mommys make healthier babies;)

Meghan said...

More belly pics, please! I bet you're adorable! So glad you're feeling good and able to ahppily run. And, don't listen to those nasty comments, if you get any, about running while pregnant.

When you have a free second, could you email me at mamamiamba at yahoo dot com? I would love to chat with you about details for Burning River. Hotels, driving distances, and such. Thanks so much!


PS. Hi Peanut!

Mindi said...

Cheer to Stephano! I love it!

Wonderful news! THE VERY BEST part of pregnancy is when you feel them drop-kicking you for months on end. Seriously, after s/he is born you will missed those little flips, kicks and punches. Treasure them as I know you will. :) Very, very cool. And I agree that we NEED MORE PICS!! Scan those ultrasounds!

Be careful not to overdo it thought. The second trimester can be tricky with that. Put Peanut before fast running when you are feeling fab these next couple of weeks. It will be tough, but well worth it.

DaisyDuc said...

OK now I feel like a real slacker. Prego you still put in more miles than me!!! Glad to hear you are feeling so much better!

GP said...

Ahh, Stefano. I haven't seen that guy since the summer after seventh grade.

I'm glad to hear/read you're feeling better. And I can only imagine Peanut enjoys the ride!