Monday, May 12, 2008

Peanut Race

* I miss running! Between the accident, the cold, and the visit with my cousin I have run once so far in May! And of course I haven't raced in forever and all my friends are out there having fun and trying for prs. That's it! I am making running a higher priority in my life again. With the second trimester coming up fast and the nice summer weather, there's no reason I can't get out there 5 days a week. So, all my friends looking for a nice slow run with a pregnant chick, I'm you're woman! Call me, k? E-mail's fine too.

And you know what. I'm going to jump into some races. I don't care that I can't really race. I miss it and I miss my friends and even my running acquaintances. I am going to run the race that runs right by my grandparents' condo because it's fun to run by them in their lawn chairs, and I'm going to run my favorite race of all time too. I might even run other races. If you're planning to run a fun race 10k or shorter, let me know and I'll be there! I can't stand this running isolation anymore.

And as I write this I am experiencing a nasty recurrence of morning sickness. I even threw up yesterday! I just overdid it with my cousin. After the stress of the accident, then the nasty cold, I was already a little weak. Then add in the (relative for me) nonstop fun and excitement I was a mess all day yesterday and still feeling pretty bad today. Peanut definitely tells me when I push it too far.

Sorry, peanut. I promise I won't shortchange you of your time laying on the couch watching tv and early bedtimes this week. Hopefully you'll forgive my transgressions soon so I can do all that running I want to do. It's good for you too, you know.

*Too bad this one was so far away and last month!


AddictedToEndorphins said...

Welcome back to the running world!:) Apparently peanuts thrive on active mommy's so it's a good thing!
Just make sure you're taking care of yourself:)

Joseph P. Wood said...

I'm so glad you're not only adopting my name suggestion, but also apparently are pining to run in my neck of the woods in Tuskegee. Ah beautiful Tuskegee, save the syphilis experiments of WWII...anyhow, enjoy running now. God knows, once the third trimester hits, you'll be the bathroom ;-)

Meghan said...

Welcome back to running Salty (and Salty's peanut)! I'm sure you will find pregnant running exciting in its own way. It's nice to hear that you're listening to the signs and signals that you're body is giving you. I think that's all you really need.

Take care and run on!