Friday, June 27, 2008

A Brief Note from Peanut

Hi everyone. I'm peanut.

I hear my mom and dad are all worried about that thing that showed up in the ultrasound. I wanted to stop by and reassure them and you that everything is aok in my little bubble. See, look at my hand.

Don't doubt the peanut. Peanut power!

Ok. I'll hand the blogging back over to mom. She needs to go relax and have a nice run on the treadmill now, but she'll be back with her own post soon. Bye bye!


Baby and Me said...

Ok this is so neat!!! I must have one of these done. Ohhh his/her little hands are so tiny. cute cute cute cute!!!!

TrainingtoTri said...

Sweet, beautiful, wonderful, magical shot! I love it. Thank you for sharing.

Meghan said...

Holy crap. This is so cool, and also a little bit freakish. Not Peanut, but the technology. Peanut, on the other hand, is an adorable little he/she/it. ;)

I'm glad things seem to be all good in there!


Joseph P. Wood said...

Oh sure, Peanut's so smart that he can prenatally type. I'm sure he/she/it will be calculus in the crib...mine is still enamored with biting.

kenyarunb said...

Soooooooooo cute!!!!


Mindi said...

Wow - what cool pictures! WAY back in the day when I had ultrasounds, the babies looked like complete gremlins. This actually looks like a beautiful little peanut!!

Congrats!! I am just catching up on your blog - way to handle the scary news - unfortunately preganancy is 9 and a half months of uncertainty and worries. Just a little jab to get you ready for the rest of your life! :)

We need more Salty pics though! I want to see the belly!!

Enjoy that ice cream - go Peanut!!