Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motherly Instincts

We had our third ultrasound this morning. This was what they in the business call a Level II. It was a complete anatomy scan. The tech started with the head and moved down the body. We got to see peanut's brain, face, spine, heart, kidneys, legs, arms, feet and hands!

When it came time to check the gender the tech told us to look away. I did at first. But then I thought she was done and I looked up and now I am 99.9% sure I know. The tech also said something that gave it away if you think about it. Anyway, I can't tell you what it is. I still want it to be a surprise for mrp. I hope I can somehow keep it to myself! It's going to be tough!!!

I was reeling from that a bit: how to handle?! And then the tech said she wanted to check one more thing. She went back the peanut's brain and then did a measurement of a little spot on it. "Uh oh," I thought. Then she said she was going to get the doctor. "Uh oh," I thought again.

The doctor came in and checked things out for himself. Yep. Peanut has a choroid plexus cyst on his/her brain. I actually didn't panic. I listened. I swear my motherly instincts are getting stronger. The doctor explained that CPC's are a soft sign for trisomy 18. What that means is that 1/3 of babies with trisomy 18 have a CPC. However, he went on to explain that around 2% of ultrasounds show a CPC. A CPC in isolation is almost always nothing. However, a CPC with bad results from a triple screen and/or other detected abnormalities is bad.

The abnormalities indicating trisomy 18 are clenched fists, unusually small measurements, heart defects, among others. The ulrasound detected a perfect heart, above normal measurements (go peanut! I knew that ice cream was for something!) and I have an ultrasound picture in front of me showing peanut's open hand with 5 perfect little fingers waving at me. On top of that, we had the best possible results from our triple screen. Of course, I don't want to hear anything even might remotely be wrong with peanut, but I can tell you that I KNOW peanut is a-ok. I feel deep in my heart of hearts that with all this evidence peanut does not have trisomy 18.

The doctor thought it was fine too. He said he had to tell us, but that really in his opinion, peanut is perfectly fine and that the CPC is just one of those things that will work itself out. On top of that I read that the risk of miscarriage from an amnio is higher than the possibility of detecting trisomy 18 and many hospitals don't even inform patients of an isolated CPC (one without any corresponding trisomy 18 indicators) because they almost always cause needless worry.

So, I am not that worried about it. Me. Not worried! I am trusting the doctor and all the literature as well as my own and mrp's gut instincts. Peanut's fine. Go peanut!


TrainingtoTri said...

Go Peanut! Glad the ice cream is helping him out in there :) And I'm glad you are keeping a level head and not panicing, trust the doctor.

TrainingtoTri said...

oh I said him, maybe I meant her....