Saturday, June 14, 2008


I really would normally spare you from this kind of stuff, but it is just so annoying and I knew you'd all take my side :)

You really wouldn't think "baby shower" and "drama" go together. Well, sadly you'd be wrong. My Aunt, who also happens to be my godmother, is one of those controlling meddling types. She is very self-centered and elevates her and her childrens' needs above all else. And while this is normal to a degree, when it is taken to such an extreme that it hurts other people absolutely needlessly, it's rather obnoxious and downright offensive.

Here's an example. She decided she was going to have a party for my grandparents' anniversary on the night before my rehearsal dinner which was the night before my wedding. On a Thursday. Who would have a party on a Thursday and who would expect a bride to be able to attend such a party with her rehearsal dinner and wedding around the corner? Now here's the thing. If she would have called me up and asked me what I thought about that I would have said it sucks because I'm not sure if I could make it and perhaps we could do it the weekend before the wedding or something. If not, fine, but at least she took the time to consider how it affected us. But she didn't.

Today, I got this in my inbox:


Hello Salty's Mom and Sister,

Just thought I'd give you a heads up on a Baby Shower Date that we have planned for Cousin. Since she may be on "bed rest" at the late stages of her pregnancy, we thought it prudent to have her shower early.

Girl Cousin, Other Cousin's Wife and I will be having her baby shower on Sunday, Sept 7th.

AS with her bridal shower, Cousin's sister will be having an additional shower for the other side of the family. SHe too is having it sometime in Sept.....not definite date yet. ( looking at the 14th or 21st) And, just to mention an aside fact.........Other Cousin's Wife's sister is getting married on Sept 27th.

I'm only telling you the above in case you were thinking of Sept for Salty's possible baby shower dates. I realize that since she is due the end of Nov, that October is most likely the time when you might be planning something, but I thought I'd make mention of what is being planned at our end, as we want to make certain that we are part of SALTY'S celebration as well !!!!

Love, Aunt

Thanks for the call to ask when we were planning something. That would have been so much harder than dictating, I know. So, apparently the dictaor of shower's is disallowing me from having my shower any time in September. You know, how could I schedule my baby shower on the same weekend as my cousin's wife's sister's wedding? You know, during the closest month to my due date that still has nice weather. The time when I'll be really pregnant but not too pregnant to enjoy myself. The last month I have free because I actually have too much going on in October to have it then. I like that she assumes. You know, because she's taken the time to know me so well. Oh, and for the record, Cousin's due date is in JANUARY!

This aunt/godmother has always been like this. Mrp and I found out we were having a baby and were so happy. And then I found out Cousin was pregnant and even though I knew the potential for this crap was there I was genuinely happy. It helped that she was 5 weeks behind us. Well, sure enough she's having twins and of course they'll be born very close to our baby, probably. I can deal with that, but now I feel like I'll have to send save the dates for Peanut's first birthday now!

Luckily, we were already planning ours for August 31, so there isn't a conflict, although I feel bad for my relatives who now have two parties on back to back weekends. I feel like this crap puts them in the middle. But that is really beside the point. If she really wanted to be a part of things and if she really cared and if she really felt any love it would be nice if she acted like it.


katesun said...

Ugh!! i am soooo sorry you are going through this. I hate the drama part of family events. or scheduling them. The good news is yours is first !!! That ensures better turn out. :)

GP said...

Don't you love having a blog so you can get all this stuff out of your system (to people who aren't living it, like mrp, your mom, etc.)? I don't know how I'd survive without a writing outlet!

I'm sorry you have a drama-causer in your family. Most people do, but it's too bad she has to meddle with happy times. It seems that people like that are on their "best" worst behavior when it comes to weddings and babies. But because they're almost always family... you can't shoot 'em and you can't send them to the moon.

allanjel said...

Well, if you fwd. cousin's sister's address and your aunt I will "make mention" that it is MY BIRTHDAY on September 20th and not to make any plans if that will help ya!

BTW, great race the other night :)

Miss Adventurous said...

I know it's frustrating, just remember that she means well; she's just too dumb to realize that she comes out looking like an asshole every time.

Don't worry, Peanut, Auntie Adventurous will never pull this kind of bullshit on you!

Miss Adventurous said...

Heh. I just realized that I said two naughty words in a comment addressed to a fetus. Poor Peanut. His/her auntie won't try to steal his/her thunder, but she will have to try real hard to be a better influence!