Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of Heat and Friends

It's hot, yo! And I am not really digging the treadmill. Yesterday it was sunny and in the 80's so I stayed in and ran on the mill only it was pretty tedious and yucko. I even downloaded Exile on Mainstreet so I could multi-task: get my run in while finally take a really good listen to one of the best rock albums of all time* (I liken it to having read The Grapes of Wrath at age 31). Well, it didn't work. I ended up not being able to focus on the music because I became so preoccupied with how boring it was to be running on the treadmill. Sure, the bluesy awesomeness was not lost on me and it definitely made the run much more pleasant, but I just wasn't into it and no matter what I was listening to I don't think that was going to change.

So, today I am doing something different. Oh yes! I have a new strategy for the heat. I found a pregnant running buddy! The reason I went on the treadmill when it was hot was because the heat really slows me way down and requires me to take breaks when I run. This is a problem during my lunch hour because I really don't feel comfortable running downtown by myself. It never used to bother me, but since I've been charged with protecting and growing a peanut I feel differently about things like that. My running buddies provide much appreciated safety and security. But, I can't ask them to slow down anymore than they normally do and I can't ask them to take breaks the way I need to. They might say differently--they are really the best running buddies a girl, pregnant or otherwise, could ever ask for! I love you guys! But I know me and I know my threshhold and I cannot ask that of them.

And that's where V comes in! I have run with V on several occasions to great effect. But now that she's pregnant, and in the second trimester no less (she's a sly fox, hiding that from me all these weeks!) she is my ideal running companion for these hotter days. We can run slow without guilt! We can walk without guilt! We can cut it short and call it a day without guilt!

And here's the best part! She agreed to be on my relay team and has a pregnant friend who will also likely sign-up! Allright! Now we just need 2 more pregnant ladies! Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? (Sorry. I couldn't resist!)

*I'm taking suggestions for other great albums to listen to when I'm stuck on the treadmill. It just has to be pleasant to listen to without a whole lot of effort--avant garde jazz and the like probably wouldn't work. So far I've listened to the new REM, OK Computer and Kid A by Radiohead, besides Exile on Mainstreet. Maybe next time I should do Exile in Guyville by Liz Phair and then I can write a report comparing and contrasting! I'll need to master Exile on Mainstreet first, though. Anyway, any suggestions along these lines would be greatly appreciated!


joe positive said...

you may find Exile in Guyville a little hard to run to, but it's worth a listen. I think I listened to it daily for at least a year.

The Salty One said...

Oh so did I, so did I! It was the perfect soundtrack to my 19th year :)

CJ said...

I really miss running with you!!! These past few weeks have been crazy at work, and I haven't been able to run at all at lunch.

Wow- I did not know V was pregnant! That's great you have a pregnant running buddy now. Your non-pregnant running buddies are still always happy to run with you though.