Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanksgiving in July

This afternoon I was kind of bemoaning my treadmill run. I felt sluggish and any time I tried to speed up out of the 10:00/mile pace I usually start at and it just never felt good to do it. I realized this was a sign and bailed at 4 miles of my planned 6 mile run. I was whining about it to mrp who just finished his own treadmill run when the unthinkable happened. We each received a free Chipotle burrito! Yummy! And free! That made my day. Apparently, one of our fitness instructors at the gym has a brother that manages a Chipotle and there you have it. We like him!

Last night we had another surprise. Mrp and I were eating dinner and we saw something stirring in the apple trees. We took a closer look and realized it was a turkey. We don't see turkeys much where we are so it was definitely interesting! But it gets even better. I looked even closer and noticed something small next to the turkey. I thought maybe it was a woodchuck. But no. It was a baby turkey. A turkling! And then we noticed another and then another and then another and then another after that. And then we noticed another adult. We grabbed the camera and headed outside and snuck along the edge of our property parallel to the turkeys' path. They then turned to go up a woody hill so we ran around on the road to watch them come out of the woods on the otherside at the top of the hill. First the big momma. And then the big daddy. And then one by one little turklings popped out of the woods all awkwardly. After the final straggler made it to his family we had counted 15 baby turkeys! It's funny. Peanut's due on Thanksgiving Day. Coincidence?

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