Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tossing and Turning and Peanut Stirring

So sleepy... The last three nights I've slept really crappily, partly because I have a lot on my mind and partly because I am a sensitive sleeper and have been bothered by the heat, bizarre body shape, and tiny pressured bladder. Oh and I slept over 30 hours over the three day weekend! So maybe, I'm just all caught up. But, now at work I am like a zombie. I can't concentrate--again lots on my mind besides the sleep deprivation.

So what's all this stuff on my mind? Well, besides the ridiculous--circling over and over about what to put on the baby registry (I know, right. I'm losing sleep over that?!)--half of my rental property will be vacant in a month and I can't afford to be without the income with peanut coming (this I believe is a little more worthy of my brain power). If you know anyone looking for a really nice and reasonably priced place in Lakewood, OH check out my ad on craigs list.

Additionally, I have to file a petition to the United States Tax Court because the guy who was supposed to help me with my audit apparently did nothing and the auditor decided to elevate the matter. The guy was one of mrp's dad's friends who was going to help me for free so I've decided to just suck it up, but it still irks me. At least I know how to handle this myself! It's still stressful though because I can't afford to pay the assessed deficiency nevermind the fact that the auditor's position is dead wrong. Also, I have to travel to Iowa because the state is appealing my winning lower court decision (go me!) in September. Can't wait to deliver my second oral argument ever at 7 months pregnant! Who wouldn't want to do that?! And picking out something to wear will just be a blast! And then of course we're still dealing with insurance companies and car accident fall-out. I had to pay 3 weeks worth of rental car payments out of pocket because the shady insurance company refused to pay beyond two weeks even though we were without our car for 5 weeks! Yeah, we hired a lawyer.

Anyway, you're probably sick of my non-running blabber about all the exciting stuff on my plate! Since the week of the two 5ks I have been maintaining 5 days per week of running with my mileage hovering in the 27-33 miles per week range. I have also made the executive decision to stay indoors when the temps are over 75 so I have been doing quite a bit of running on the treadmill and it really hasn't been awful. I have actually enjoyed it while rediscovering my ipod and my legs really have appreciated the nice soft even surface. I haven't really stretched in about a month and I haven't felt this good legs-wise in years now! It also helps that I run between 9:30 and 10:00 pace and take a water/pee break every 2 miles, but still. I am proud of my adaptible self!

Since the cramping scare, I haven't had any issues at all. In fact, about two days after my semi-emergency visit to the midwife's office I started to really feel peanut moving! And in the past week or so he's been going crazy!! It's such an amazing and cool feeling and it really helps easy my worries. He is definitely more active at night, but also usually around 30 minutes to an hour after my lunch time run I feel him stirring. I really think he sleeps when I run--I bet the motion is like a baby swing or the motion of a car. Once I stop and settle back into my office, he probably wakes up wondering what happened to the soothing rhythmic motion! Or maybe he's kicking me because he hates my running and he knows I wouldn't be able to feel it as well while I'm actually running. I like to believe the former is true!

Anyway, so despite some big plate issues with accompanying insomnia with accompanying zombiness, things are good. Sure, I have a few things to worry about, but that's life in the big city. I got my mrp and my feisty peanut and my happy legs so I'm happy!


TrainingtoTri said...

Wow, sounds like you do have a lot on your mind! I hope everything gets resolved soon. And as for what to wear when 7 months pregnant in court, how about a big brightly colored MuMu a la Ms Roper of 3's Company fame? Sexy.

Mindi said...

AW. Feeling that baby is the BEST thing. Truly a miracle. I remember after my first was born I felt so vacant since I did not have that constant reminder....

Off that - you sound stressed dear! Try to relax. Really - hahah - easier said than done, especially in full preganant mode. But you need to take care of yourself. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You kick @rse in Iowa - I'm sure you will look great. Opposing counsel will probably look more pregnant than you! :)

I love the pic by the way, and good call on running indoors in the heat. The heat cranks my HR ridiculously....

Keep it up - you are doing so awesome!