Saturday, August 30, 2008

APB: Vote!

Speed Bumps
Caution: Speed Bumps
The Great Big New Ones
Bumps on the Road
Babies on Board
Baby Joggers
9 month countdown
Not Fat, just Preggo
Belly Brigade
Running to our due date
Trimester Milers
Marathon Mamas
Mighty Mommas
Pregnant Runners
9 Months and Counting
Fab Five
Babies' Mommas

Post your fave on the comments. The team is voting too, but your input is always valuable! I'll reveal the winner tomorrow night!


E-Speed said...

David votes for Speed Bumps, Not fat just Preggo or, Running to our Due Date

I vote for Babies Mommas or Baby Joggers

E-Speed said...

ps I like Trimester Milers too

joe positive said...

I vote for The Great Big New Ones.

My husband does, too, and he never cared for that name as a band name. But he likes it as a pregnant relay team name.

GP said...

Speed Bumps. It's so good I'm feeling a little jealous I didn't think of it.

Close second: Babies Mamas.

Joann said...

I like either Babies on Board or
Baby Joggers

solarsquirrel said...

Not fat just Preggo gets my vote!

katesun said...

Girls gone child !! or baby on board