Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Libertarian Runner Momma for Obama

This is a running blog, I know.  (Stop now if you don't want to know about my personal politics.) I don't take the decision to air out my political beliefs lightly.  But in light of recent developments I have lept off my uncharicteristically apathetic ledge and jumped on board a campaign. But first, a little back story.

I have odd politics.  Ideally I am a libertarian.  Practically, I generally vote Democrat. I know. It doesn't seem like it makes any sense.  But believe me, I have thought it all out and it makes sense to me. Anyway, I was shocked and awed by the Bush adminstration for 8 years.  (Particularly the lack of transparency, the unconstitutional hoarding of executive power, and tax cuts during times of war, but I digress...) I cringed at the nightly news for 8 years.  I'm over it. I worked on the Kerry campaign in 04.  I wasn't particularly crazy about him but I was so anti-Bush I needed to do something.  Anyway, long story short, he got swift boated. Pictures leaked of him wind surfing. W asked the audience, "Do you want some wood" at a debate and he came off as delightfully charming to most of America.  Kerry lost. It sucked.

I didn't get sucked into this election right away.  Maybe I felt burned after being so involved in a losing campaign 4 years ago. I was very perplexed by the choices of Hilary or Obama. After careful consideration I voted for Hilary in the primary.  For once I wasn't paying all that much attention this summer.  Obama gave a very moving speech on race in early summer that struck me, but beyond that I was uncharacteristically apathetic. But once the conventions started I've been hooked.  Today I am officially a momma for Obama. I donated to his campaign after reading McCain wants to postpone the debates and suspend campaigning to single-handedly save the economy that is fundamentally sound and that he doesn't know much about.   This would be novel if he didn't try to play this card during Hurricane Gustav.  Like his pick of Palin, this wreaks of desperation to me.  His poll numbers are trending down, his weakest issue is foremost on everyone's mind, so he needs to refocus everyone's attention.  Nice tactics. Bad president. Obama on the other hand has stayed calm in the face of it all and although he isn't the most experienced person, I do have to say I like the idea of some new ideas and perspective being infused into American leadership.  I believe he has the intelligence and level-headedness to handle a crisis and I believe he has the balls to ask for help when he needs it.  Plus I trust he understands and respects the Constitution.  Hey, you can't take somethings for granted any more!  

We need a new direction. We need calm focused leadership. Obama's my man this year. If he's your man too, please take a trip over to his website ( and give what you can. I want peanut to grow up in a nice strong stable America.  


Viper said...

You really can't take anything for granted.

I just stopped by to wish you (and by proxy, your teammates) good luck at Akron this weekend. Cheers!

Mama Simmons said...

I agree on the Obama issue... I find myself agreeing with his logic and thought process almost 100% of the time he opens his mouth.

But really I just wanted to tell you to enjoy the heck out of this weekend!! I wish I was still able to run (stopped at about 24 weeks b/c it was just uncomfortable). I think what you gals are doing is awesome and I love love love the name of your team! :)

joe positive said...

another omg! for ya - aside from the momma part, I could be your political twin.