Friday, September 12, 2008

Not a Stranger in a Strange Land

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Life, unlike me, has been moving at a much speedier clip than normal. Oh, and work has decided to block blogger now so I can’t take advantage of getting in my office early and blogging like I used to. But this is such a small adjustment to deal with and I’m sure with the other seismic shift about to occur in my life it won’t be too big of a deal.

So besides planning a relay, I really have been busy. I finally rented my house to some wonderful new tenants who I am really excited about! I have been busy cleaning and prepping the house for their arrival. Mrp and I finished up some last minute improvements last night and the tenants are starting to move in today! Glad that’s taken care of!

On top of that, work has been very busy. Of course I have to wrap up a lot of things before peanut arrives. However, the last few weeks have been focused on yet another trip to Iowa. This was my third trip to the fair state capital in two years to deliver an oral argument. The first time was before the Department of Revenue and the last time was in court. We lost before the Department of Revenue (but our case is against the Department so no surprise there). We won in court, though. The Department appealed so I had to go back for hopefully the last time. I don’t have the stamina I normally do so I had to do TONS of extra prep work before the trip because I just can’t stay up all night working on an oral argument these days. It still turned out that our local counsel suggested some really important tweaks to my argument the afternoon prior to the big show, but it wasn’t too bad to get them worked into the mix and have my argument solid in time for the morning’s hearing.

The argument itself went well. The Department’s attorney was sharper than she normally is, so I was a little concerned. And then when I delivered my argument the judges asked me some questions that worried me a bit. However, I got all my points out. It was a bit tough the last minute or so, though. Peanut is getting very big and pushing up on my lungs, so by the end of my presentation I was running out of air! I probably looked like I was freaking out to the judges, but I just lost my breath a bit. I managed to squeak out my last couple of lines. I was a bit worried about that, but my co-counsels assured me I did a good job. I hope! Now we just have to wait about 6 months! Damn slow judiciary!

In other news I met Mainers! Mrp ran a local half-marathon and Paul was in town with one of his buddies who used to live here. He told me he was going to be there, but that was months ago so when I saw a slightly familiar face in a small pack of male runners I thought it might be him. But he was wearing a singlet with the name of a local running store and looked to be about 18 years old so I held off cheering like a maniac for him. After I cheered mrp on, who was a bit behind Paul, I ran the two miles back to my car and hauled *ss to make it to the finish in time. I finally made it to the park entrance, but about .25 miles away from the finish a cop told me I had to park about a mile or more away from the finish. I finally did it. I pulled the pregnancy card. I told him I was 7 months pregnant and just wanted to see my husband finish. Of course, suddenly there was a space open for me!

And of course, I threw my car in park and took off running past the finish and about a mile up the course to see mrp. He looked really good and had moved up considerably. His main goal was to get back under 1:20. Mrp’s been a bit burned out with running the last couple of years. He’s always run he just hasn’t trained much in that time. It got so bad that he ran a 30:25 5-miler in July. His pr is a 27:30! So, I have taken it upon myself to get him back in shape. I am coaching him and things are going well. He got back on the wagon after the 5-miler and within 3 weeks ran a 10-miler at 6:07 pace and within 7 weeks ran a half-marathon at 6:03 pace. He was only off his half pr by a little under a minute, so I really honestly believe mrp’s running a pr marathon in Chicago. His pr is 2:48:37, run in New York on a warm November day in 2005 (the day I decided I was going to do one of those!). He ran a 2:49:10 in Boston 07 (Nor’Easter year) on minimal training. As long as it’s not 900 degrees he should be good! Go peanut’s daddy!

Anyway, after I gave mrp a last minute cheer I ran to the finish to see how he did. On my way I saw that tall skinny familiar looking guy and I said, “Paul?” And he looked up (well, down) and say, “Hi Salty!” (He actually used my real name because how lame is it to actually call someone by their blog name in real life?) We chatted for a minute, but it was a bit bad timing as I just spotted mrp and we were pressed for time to get all the way back to the other side of town where we live, so I had to run before we got to talking too long. But it was nice to see him anyway. Next time you’re in town Paul, let’s get a beer (assuming I’ll be allowed to drink beer again then)!

So that’s a small slice of what’s been keeping me from my blog. I will be back soon to update you on my pregnant running self. But for now, this will have to do!


mainers said...

it was nice to meet you too Salty.

so that it why I got ID'd everywhere I drank in Cleveland then!

I think I watched the game at a party on the Eastside too- too bad it wasn't much of a game!

TrainingtoTri said...

Congrats to MRP on his race and glad to hear you had a good trip to corn country.

CJ said...

I am so annoyed about the blogger blocking too!

Glad to hear the oral argument went well. Hopefully that is one less thing to worry about. And hopefully no more trips to Iowa!

Congrats to MRP (and coach!) on the race!