Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Running...Somehow!

I was doing so good there for a week or so, but I've been a bad bad blogger again. There are so many posts I want to write: second trimester recap, pregnancy and running resource review, among others. But alas I have been feeling very lazy.

Perhaps it is because I am carrying a giant baby. According to the doctors, as of 32 weeks peanut is in the 96th percentile for growth. This means he's about 6-7 lbs now with 6 weeks to go! Check out those cheeks! And I am massive. I look only slightly chunkier in the rest of my body, but my belly is out of control gigantic! It is making me slow and awkward. When I see it I am shocked though, because while I do feel pregnant and big I don't feel THAT pregnant and big. Maybe I just expected a lot worse? Who knows. I am glad I feel relatively good.

The bigness has gotten to me as far as running goes though. It has been really tough since the relay to get out there. I cannot stand the idea of 6 more weeks of sloth though so I am going to keep at it, but it's just not anything I'd call enjoyable most days. I am lucky to get through 4 miles at around 10:40 pace stopping twice. That's a good run these days. When I run my lower legs burn and hurt, probably from the extra weight, the crazy weird stride I'm sporting lately, and I'm sure the general swelling I've been experiencing lately doesn't help either. If I stand for more than 1/2 an hour at a time, my feet hurt like crazy so I'm not sure it's just a running thing. *

Also, I have finally been experiencing the dreaded round ligament pain. This is when the ligaments supporting the uterus are strained. I really never had it until about a week ago. People always asked if I needed a brace for my bellt when I run and I just never did. The pain is just occasional so I still am not going to get a brace, but now I know the appeal.

The last thing that I am not experiencing that is making running difficult is the whole bladder thing. Sometimes I'll stop to pee midrun only to still need to pee as soon as I start up again! It's so annoying! Peanut's head down and sometimes he just likes to snuggle up to my bladder or something. Who knows. This is also not an all the time thing so, I can deal. But it does add to the laundry list of reasons I have to sometimes force myself to do something I used to be dying to do all the time.

Wow. I sound whiny

I have readjusted my goals on any given week. I just want to get out to exerice 5 times a week, whether running, elipticaling, or even walking. I don't care. I just can't stand the idea of doing nothing for over a month and I know as soon as I slack I'm down for the count. So, I will soldier on.

*Please ignore the ugly squinty look on my face and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Indiana Dunes State Park. We stopped on our way back from Chicago. Yeah, I'll write about that soon! Swear!


GP said...

Maybe we can take our hand weights to Great Lakes Mall and power-walk together ;-)

But all this talk about Peanut coming out ready to run? It might not be all jokes and jest. He's going to be like six feet tall by Thanksgiving!

Great job on staying with activity. You continue to keep up the good face of healthy pregnancy.

And who knew there were braces for that kind of thing? (OK, maybe everyone but me, I know).

Happy fall!

DaisyDuc said...

Seriously woman, you are not as massive as you think.

I just can't figure how someone as tiny as you is going to have such a big baby. Guess running does a baby good, but in your case maybe too good!

BTW, we can always plan an actual lunch date since running lunch breaks have gotten tough! I guess people actually do that sometimes! Who knew?