Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On the Happy Side of History

I walked up the driveway all smiles with the literature in hand.  A man waited for me next to a red work truck.  "I might as well hand this to you since you're here," I said.  He was smiling, until he saw what I was handing to him that is. Then he looked at me with anger in his eyes and sharply said, "I don't live here and you definitely don't want to give that to me."   I felt that if I wasn't pregnant to the point of almost bursting that he would have snapped my head off!

On Monday, my mom, grandma and I canvassed my neighborhood for the Obama campaign.  We went around hanging voter information on supporter's doors.  I was so heartened to see how many Obama supporters were in my neighborhood! Most people weren't home, but occasionally we came upon someone raking leaves, just leaving to run errands, or an errant workman hanging out in a driveway.  For the record, that was the only guy who gave us anything even resembling grief.  What struck me about him was how angry he was.  My mom, grandma, and I were so happy and smiling to be there and he seemed so bitter.  I couldn't help but be reminded of this moment as I watched the crying, cheering, hugging mass in Grant Park last night and heard the boos and hisses coming out of the crowd when McCain was giving his concession speech.  This time, I am happy to be on the happy side of things.  I know how upset I was 4 years ago, after campaigning for John Kerry and seeing him go down in such a close election decided mainly by the failure of my state to turn blue.  I came around and I hope those disappointed by last night's results do this time around.

But I am especially happy that peanut is on the happy side of things.  How cool is it that I can tell peanut about the Monday before election day when he in his momma's belly  walked around his neighborhood with his grandmother and great grandmother encouraging his neighbors to vote for Barack Obama.  Even little peanut has a part in history.    


TrainingtoTri said...

Good for you for getting out there and helping to make history! What a great day Wed morning was (well as far as the election went).

GP said...

I'm really happy your Peanut will be born during such a hugely hopeful time. Thanks for getting out there and making it happen (Did you see how close your county's tally was? It was all because you that it tilted in good favor!).