Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Woo! I just ran 3 miles! It wasn't continuous, but I did manage to run 3 whole miles! I did a little 1:00/1:00 alternating walking with running and then moved to 1:00/2:00 until I had 3 miles in the books. I felt great! I'm hoping to be able to do a continuous 3 miles easily by the New Year. I think it shouldn't be a problem, but I am a little worried about overdoing it. The last thing I want is to get injured or aggravate one of my birth war wounds!

So staying home with a newborn is a bit taxing. Getting down to the basement to run/walk/exercise for an hour can be very tough. The first week we came home, mrp had a couple of days off and we had a lot of help from relatives. It helped that it was Thanksgiving week and people were around and off from work. However, by the second week I was still physically recovering and I was pretty much on my own. I think newborns sleep so much so their moms can recover physically. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do if I was so weak now. Nathaniel has a stuffy nose and it's a huge chore to get him to sleep enough throughout the day and at night so he isn't a huge crying mess all the time. I have to carry him around a lot and do a lot of dashing back and forth throughout the house to gather tools to keep him calm before he bursts into a full on melt down. And then I don't have time to exercise, but I need to more than ever. I need that hour to myself to recenter and recharge. I have never appreciated it so much!!! To get it I usualy have to wait until mrp gets home. Every time I try to get a workout in by myself Nathaniel always wakes up when I'm about halfway done. (Stinker!)

Geez. I'm making this sound great, aren't I? I am not complaining, I swear! At the same time he is more and more alert and just so stinkin' cute! He loves to play on a blanket on the floor. He rolls around on his back and smiles. Then we flip him on his tummy and he tries so hard to crawl. He kicks out his legs and moves his head from side to side. He's been able to hold that big melon up since he was a week old. Another thing he loves is the bath. I get in the tub and hold him and mrp and I scrub him up and hold him up while he floats around on his back. He just loves it. We've been giving him a bath almost every night since his cord stump fell off in hopes of starting a bedtime ritual. One night I was able to get him to sleep all by himself before 9:00, but usually he doesn't go down until 10:30 or so when I do. He is definitely beginning to understand the difference between day and night though. When we wake up in the middle of the night now it is just to eat and then we go right back to bed. He rarely fusses or stays awake after he eats during the night anymore and when he does if I take him back and hold him in bed with me he will usually fall asleep. Sometimes he needs to nurse a little bit longer but usually the close cuddles knock him right out. I think he would sleep in longer stretches if it wasn't for the stuffy nose. I hope that doesn't last all winter!

Anyway, things are really great over here. As challenging as it can be I am loving motherhood. How could I not when I get to look at this every day! Below are a sampling of photos are wedding photographer took of Nathaniel at 3.5 weeks. Enjoy!


marathon mommy said...

Congrats! Each mile from this point easier will get easier and easier.

Clare said...

my andra is now 12 days old and i'm LOVING how much she sleeps! hope it lasts! but i hear you on the hard parts too. congrats on the 3 miles! i just did 1 yesterday and it felt so good!

TrainingtoTri said...

Congrats on the 3 miles! That first picture of you and Nathaneil is just gorgeous. Blow that up and frame it. Priceless. Maybe after the holidays I can come over and watch him while you run/walk on the treadmill, give me time to play with a baby and you time to get a good workout in!

Baby and Me said...

Congrats! It sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things!