Thursday, January 08, 2009


Nathaniel is waking up from his nap ever slowly, so I'll quickly take the opportunity to update you on my post-baby progress.

First order of business, I have lost 7 pounds since I was at the doctor's office. Sure some of that is that I don't wear clothes and shoes when I weigh myself at home, but I am confident my weight is trending downward and that's all I really want. Plus, this is corroborated by the one pair of non-maternity jeans I own that fit me now--they are getting looser every day. Still can't even fit into my prepregnancy fat clothes, but soon! So, I have 17 pounds to pre-pregnancy weight and 22 lbs to race weight. Sounds a lot better than 24 and 29!

Last week was as follows:

M: 4 miles outside with no watch while my mom watched N.
T: off--had an appt in the evening and it was too much to try to squeeze a run in too.
W: 4 miles on the treadmill. I didn't log the pace--probably around 9:40
Th: 4.25 on the mill (9:36 pace)
F: 3.6 miles crammed in while N napped. I wanted to do 4 but he woke up a little early. I forgot to log the pace of this run too!
Sa: 4 miles on the treadmill while my mom watched N. She had to go at 3 miles but N hung out and watched me from his blanket on the floor while I got in one more! (9:35 pace)
Su: 6 miles outside with GP! Felt great and we even conquered some megahills. No watch. I actually have lost both of my watches :(

Total: a hair shy of 26 miles for the week.

In other news, mrp and I arew contemplated a big change. I think I am going to start looking for alternatives to my current job. I am really struggling with the idea of going back to a full time inflexible job. I love being at home with Nathaniel, more and more so every day. I can't imagine both mrp and I only getting to see him for a couple of hours a day. I definitely want to pursue my career in the future, but for now I am really thinking about quitting and finding something part time. I just need to make enough to cover my student loan payments and groceries pretty much. If anyone has any advice in this area, please share! We are in full-on brainstorming mode and could use all the help we can get!!!


jsmarslender said...

Hey there - I found your blog not too long ago. I also ran through pregnancy and enjoyed it. My husband and I are international teachers looking for our next job - mostly because I too want to work part-time next year. This semester I have a semi-part-time arrangement with my school (slightly lighter teaching load allowing me to bike home to nurse). I hope you're able to find a good balance.
Sarah M

Joann said...

Hi! Congrats on your progress, you are doing amazing!! About the job, maybe your company would let you go part time?

CJ said...

How about taking over as race director for the Cleveland Marathon?

I will be sad if you leave! Completely understand though. Our company is pretty horrible about things like flexibility.

marathon mommy said...

Check out - job board for moms who want a part time job.

30daytoFab said...

Oh wow Laura that is a big change! I am going be in the same boat with you. It is so hard to find part time work. For me I kind of think I will try to walk dogs or petsit or even waitress 1-2 nights a week if I don't go back. I'll put my thinking cap on for you. I wonder if you can do some sort of law consulting!

DC Running Mama said...

There might be some gov't jobs in Cleveland...I think VA is out there and the gov't is supposed to be much more flexible.

Adeel said...

These days, I think something in repossession or collection would be a good idea.