Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Days and Not as Good Days

I broke my laptop! I accidentally picked it up by the screen instead of the base and broke the screen. Now I have a 1/4 screen sliver of comuter I am working with. So, if the typing sucks, that is why!

In other news I ran 32 miles last week! And even better, I felt great. Sure I am still slow and I am still heavy, but it was great to get some miles in! Over the weekend I got three great runs in outside. On Friday, mrp's mom came over and babysat while I ran 6 from home. Then on Saturday, E came over and ran 6 with me in the nasty snow (we had almost no traction the last 2 miles!) bfore heading back out with mrp for another 6 while I cooked banana pancakes for everyone. It was a fun morning!! The Sunday, GP came over for the secon Sunday in row and this time we made it 7. I felt sluggish and tired, especially at first but getting rthe miles in was no problem--I'm sure it was the good company that mmade it feel so effortless! Anyway, here are the numbers:

M: 4 on the treadmill 9:28 pace.
T: 5 on the treadmill 9:26 pace
W: off
R: 4 on the treadmill 9:28 pace
F: 6 outside no watch
Sa: 6 on very snowy roads (10:05--not bad considering how horrid it was out and the hills to boot!)
Su: 7 outside (9:40's or so based on GP's watch) which is not bad considering the ice and the hills!)

Today I am going to just do a nice short and easy treadmill run when mrp gets home. Hopefully peanut will be nice to him! It seems like he starts fussing 5 minutes before poor mrp gets home so the whole time I am downstairs on the treadmill, mrp is wondering whether our kid hates him! And then after I get upstairs we start trying to get him off to sleep and that can take a quite a long tearful time. It seems like peanut is one of those babies that when he gets tired gets a little hyper. He will start to fall asleep only to catch himself and open his eyes really wide and start to cry! It can be pretty frustrating, but at the same time it's very predictable at this point and we pretty much accept we're going to have some tears and fussing before he finally goes to sleep.

We had Monica and her husband over on Saturday for dinner and unfortunately peanut decided to start his bedtime routine early so they got to witness it first hand. They're expecting this spring so I really really hope we didn't scare them! Parenting really is a wonderful and amazing thing, I swear! And hopefully they won't be afraid to come back some day!

But just like with training, with parenting there are good days and bad days. Well, not bad--let's just say not as good days.

Oh, so back to my computer. Anyone out there use a mac? IS it worth the extra expense? ...which is totally what I need to be thinking about now that I'm trying to find a way to quit my job!


Mnowac said...

Wow nice job on the 32 miles! 32 mile 7 weeks post partum. You seriously rock. And you didn't scare us on Sat I promise. We'll come over anytime. ANd if you need a babysitter, let us know!

RGSMOM said...

I worked the first 18 months of Rory's life and when I would get home she would cry and cry and I would cry and tell Marc "she hates me" but now I know that around 5pm or 6pm kids get fussy. Also nice job on 32 miles . THis week i have been so off I blame the weather

DC Running Mama said...

Good job on the mileage! My hubby also feels like Nathan totally hates him....Nathan will stop crying as soon as I pick him up. I tell hubby he needs to grow some boobs and Nathan will like him more.

DaisyDuc said...

Wow, that is fantastic mileage and FANTASTIC that you are already back cooking with gas! I would hardly call those paces slow.