Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Morning!

Since last I left you, I lost 2 pounds, I put my rings back on, and ran 8-miles comfortably on a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon. It always seems that just as I start feeling hopeless, things start improving. I should know better than to whine!

On a more disappointing note, my Friday date with my mother-in-law was canceled for the second week in a row due to unfortunately scheduled doctor's appointments for my father-in-law. Again, no whining as my own mother took off two afternoons this week to help me and watch the baby so I could get in a couple of good runs.

The first was Monday. Damn if the roads still weren't horrendous! I ran 6 outside on the snow anyway and feel very lucky I didn't hurt anything. The worst part is that it's so hard to enjoy the run when I am so focused on not slipping and finding traction to actually feel like I'm moving at a decent pace. And the uphills are the worst! Just like a car I feel like I'm spinning my wheels as I try to ascend the big hills in my 'hood on that slippery stuff. Yuck!

Well, this was more than made up for with yesterday's run. On our way home from the pediatrician (peanut is super healthy and weighs in at a hefty 13lb 10oz, or 90th percentile--I told him to lay off the boobs!) I noticed that the berms on the road to the park from my house were pretty clear. Normally I am a bit scared to run from my house to the park because that includes a mile on a very busy main road. However, last summer the city repaved it and made beautiful wide flat berms and since it was in the mid-30's and sunny yesterday enough snow melted that these beautiful berms were mostly clear. So, I took advanatage and ran up out of the valley and into the park. I ran all the way down the parkway and back for 8 miles or so. The milder temps felt so pleasant after the bitter bitter cold we've been having. And surprisingly the 8 miles came and went faster than I wanted them to. One of the days when I could have run forever!

So, today I will either have to try to cram in a run during a nap. It's too bad I am still half asleep and starving now or it would be a great time. Peanut wakes up, eats and goes down for his first nap within 1/2 an hour of waking up. Today he seemed extra tired so I put him down within 15 minutes and he was out within seconds. If I had an adult-sized swing I think I would have done the same! The one thing that makes it tough for me to get a run in when he naps is that he naps in his big swing. I can't leave him alone to go downstairs and I'm not sure I can lug it downstairs--not sure it will fit through the doorway. Plus, it is in front of our sliding glass door now looking out at our birdfeeders and the backyard and I'd hate to change the view to drywall and his mom's legs flailing around on that weird contraption! It's the only place peanut naps consistently well. Maybe I'll get desperate enough to try to lug it downstairs for his afternoon nap.

In the meantime, I need to go find some coffee!


Mnowac said...

It was so nice out yesterday! I wish I hadn't had to work so I could get out there and stretch me legs. Nice job on the 8 miler and congrats on the 2 lbs!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I found your blog through Lil Runner. I'm also an attorney, and a I have a four month old. I hear you about running outside in this weather. I'm outside of Chicago and my long run this morning included more slips on patches of black ice than I prefer.

Mindi said...

Sounds like everything is going great! Enjoy and congrats on the 8 miler.

DC Running Mama said...

Yeah for the great run! While we haven't had snow (yet), it's been in the teens here for over a week (with the exception of this past was in the 40s). It gets hard to motivate oneself to get out there. And, with running tights with holes to prove it, that black ice is scary!