Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Dead.

My computer completely crapped out. I will have to blow some money on a new one. That's exciting, yet not exciting. New toy, less money :(

Anyway, here's what I did last week. The weather SUCKED! Tons of snow and below zero air temps (like -13!). This meant, a) I could barely get outside and b) babysitting wasn't as reliable so I missed my minimum mileage target by 1 mile. Oh well. Considering what I had to work with, I'll take it!

M: 4 on the mill (9:02)
W: 5 on the mill while my aunt watched peanut--she was only still at my house because her battery died. If she wasn't there there would have been no way for me to run that day because mrp got home almost 2 hours late because of a snow storm!(8:44--this felt easy that day, but I haven't cracked 9:00 since)
Th: 4 on the mill (9:19)
F: 3 on the mill (no time because it was in fits and starts. My m-i-l was supposed to come over to babysit but the weather was too bad so I had to cram in what I could while peanut stared at me from his swing. Needless to say his attention span isn't quite developed yet!)
Sa: 8 on the mill while I watched Big Love(9:40's)
Su: 5 outside (I don't have a watch so not sure on the pace--slow, I'm sure! I wanted to do 6 but the roads were so awful 5 was the absolute max I could do because the lack of traction was so irritating to me!)

Total: 29

In other news peanut is going to bed like a champ these past few days! Last night he was out from 7:00 - 11:00 and tonight he went down with no problem at 7:40. He still gets all stuffed up past 3:00 or so and I have a tough time keeping him asleep for more than an hour at a time, but we're on the right track so I can't complain.

Ok, I'll be back someday soon on a new computer!

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Clare said...

wish i had a treadmill at way am i running outside in this weather!