Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rolling Over

Sometimes when peanut gets the hiccups and doesn't want to eat any more I put him down for some tummy time on the floor. The pressure on his diaphragm and his grunting and vocalizing usually clear up even the worst cases of hiccups. This morning, right after finishing eating, peanut came down with a pretty stubborn case and since he was all done with the boob, I put him on the floor. But no sooner did I law down next to him did he push himself up on his side and then over on to his back! He's 9 weeks old! Everyone that meets him comments on his physicality. I wouldn't know something remarkable from something typical in a newborn so itintrigues me. Apparently, peanut is quite the little athlete already!

In other news, I am still struggling with finding a time to get my runs in. If I wait until mrp gets home at 6:00 I don't have much time to squeeze in a run before peanut starts wanting to go down to bed. Unfortunately, I pretty much have to be there to put him down now. We're working on his routine and we want to get him very entrenched in our new bedtime routine before mixing it up. For now, as soon as peanut shows signs he is ready for bed (read: starts to fuss) mrp feeds him a bottle and then I nurse him for a minute or so (which he seems to still need to calm down) or I just nurse him and then I sing him lullabies and rock him for 10 minutes or so and then he's out. Meanwhile, mrp gets the room ready: turns on the white noise machine, fills the humidifier, arranges the blanket sleeper for easy dressing if it's not already on him, dimming the lights, etc. And lately he's been getting up a half hour after we put him down to eat more and sometimes a half hour after that! (I think he's growth-spurting--yikes! At almost 14 lbs he's already about to bust out of most of his 3-6 month clothes!)

Anyway, the point is that around 7:00 I have to be available or else there will be much crying! Half the time as it is if I wait until after mrp gets home and situated I run over into 7:15 or so (those are the runs I crank up the volume on the ipod! I know. I'm heartless!! Is it more mean to peanut or mrp? Ha.) When this happens as soon as I hit the 4 miles or whatever I fly off the treadmill, run upstairs and take off my sweaty clothes and immediately grab peanut and start to feed him and sing! It's ridiculous! So, last night I tried something different. Since peanut likes to play on his blanket on the floor in the evening before bedtime anyway, I brought the blanket downstairs about 15 minutes before mrp was supposed to get home and started my run as peanut played besides me. We listened to his nursery rhyme cd and I sang and danced along as I ran (which is kind of hard even when running slowly!) About 2 miles into my run, mrp came downstairs and spotted our content little peanut on the floor. It worked out great and I was able to get in 6 miles well before 7:00, when before I was eeking out 4 and finishing around 7:15.

I still wish I could run when peanut takes one of his two 2 hour naps a day! I just hate the idea of moving this giant swing all the way downstairs only for him to cry and complain and having to lug it all the way back up, besides the fact that it is much nicer up here for peanut to nap. I'm probably just a sucker! I have to admit that this is one reason I am almost looking forward to going back to work--so I can run with no guilt during my lunch hour! Hopefully, by the time I can work something out to be at home more peanut can come along with me for a run or be more entrenched in his napping routine and sleeping in his crib for his naps!

Here's last weeks numbers (not bad!)

Mo: 6 outside on horribly snowy roads as my mom watched the nut (no watch).
Tu: 4.25 on the mill (9:28)
We: off
Th: 8 miles outside (9:20)
Fr: 4 on the mill (9:19)
Sa: 6 outside (no watch)
Su: 10! outside with GP. Super nice run in the frigid morning air. (9:20's)

Total: 38.25


DC Running Mama said...

What a big boy! My little nate...who I think is 2 weeks older (ish?) not even 12 lbs and still wearing some newborn clothes. They're supposed to sleep longer when they weigh more, right? Can you set up a monitor so that you can run downstairs during his naps? I know...probably not the best thing to do...but longer runs=happier mommy=better mommy.

The Salty One said...

I've thought about it, but without being able to see him I would worry too much. I even thought about putting the swing right at the top of the stairs so I could hear him better and be able to get there faster, but then I figure this will all pass soon and I might as well not push it now. There will be plenty of time to run guilt-free in my future (I hope!)

Mnowac said...

It sounds like you are going to have to get another swing. Check craigslist. If you had one downstairs, you could go down there and get him down for a nap and then pop on the treadmill and not feel bad.

Mindi said...
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Mindi said...

Welcome to the rest of your life. Seriously. There are no more "I's"- it is whatever fits in. I bet you will thrive on that. Heck, obviously you already are. Very impressive mileage.

I still remember vividly the first time both my boys rolled over. Milestones are awesome. Babies. kids. family. friends. They are the gift of a new miracle each day.

jsmarslender said...

So glad you found a way to get a few more miles on the treadmill before the bedtime routine calls you. Sometimes I run while Claire naps but I get a little antsy and break up my runs to check on her. You know what's crazy though? Soon enough we'll all be getting our runs while our kids bike alongside or do their homework. Wow.

Clare said...

your little guy is about 2 weeks older than my daughter so i love reading about his milestones (and yours!) and then looking for signs that andra is doing the same thing.

Clare said...

i have no clue why andra sleeps so well...other than my mom says i was the same way as a baby! don't worry, my next kid will probably be a nightmare, i'm sure i can't get this lucky twice!!